‘Focus on Sustainable Projects’ – Liberian Public Health Specialist Cautions INGOs


MONROVIA – A Liberian Public Health Specialist, Abdul-rahman Fayiah Bah has cautioned international non-governmental organizations in the health sector to focus on sustainable projects to have a lasting impact on the people.

He made the statement at a two day Global Healthcare Engineering Symposium at the University College of London from July 9-10, 2019. 

“International organizations need to focus more on sustainable projects. We need innovations that are Africa friendly that will not cost us more to repair or replace if damaged,” he said.

He disclosed that Liberia is one of the countries that the INGOs need to invest more on sustainable projects.

According to him, International Non-governmental organizations should invest more on sustainable projects in Liberia not only to do short term project, but to build more like institutions and things that the people and community can benefit from for longer-term. 

  The London’s symposium brought together global health experts, to create innovations that will tackle large amount of global health issues. Those innovations take into accounts in new technologies, social, political, Cultural and economic factors. 

Experts from  the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Public Health Foundation of India, The Future Vaccine Manufacturing Research Hub, Engineering and Physical sciences research council, the Medical Research council and the University College of London and Institute of Healthcare Engineering.

Mr. Bah, the country Director of Life for African Mothers (LFAM) disclosed that he will be back to Liberia with additional knowledge that can help address some of the many public health challenges that currently face the country.

The Liberian Public Health Specialist asserted that there is a need for the national government, international partners, health practitioners and communities to attach seriousness to it.

LFAM is a Maternal Health charity group aiming to make birth safer in Sub Saharan Africa, by providing medication to treat eclampsia and post-partum hemorrhage.

This organization is providing medication to treat the complications of child birth, LFAM has been able to support hospitals and health centers across Africa and see huge reductions in maternal mortality.

These are keys to nation’s building, to always provide the opportunities through contacts to help the government implement its developmental efforts and empower all sectors of the country.