First Responders App “My Watchman” Launched to Curb Crime, Offer Emergency Services in Liberia


MONROVIA — A new mobile app with 24 hours secured monitoring and emergency dispatch command center has been launched to help curb crime and offer other emergency services. The platform aims to give people that opportunity whenever there is an emergency.

My Watchman, as it’s called, is a full-service, personal security, and property monitoring app, with a 24 hours emergency response network and command center.

The app which was launched over the weekend at the Bella Casa Hotel in Sinkor showcases a smarter and safer way to protect family and property with access to the help anywhere and anytime.  

The app is a registered trademark of Advanced Converged Technologies LLC (ACT), a technology company with regional offices in Liberia.  It is a reliable, easy to use SOS / 911 Mobile App with 24/7 secured monitoring and emergency dispatch command center.

The company’s initial approach was to design a weaponized camera that could be controlled from your phone via an app but while trying to secure funding for the invention the team realized that only a small segment of society would be able to afford the cameras.

The app is on play store and other social media platforms. For now, it’s focusing on security, fire, medical, and gender-based violence.

For medical, fire emergency or one safety threatens, the person needs to push a button on the app and the command center will instantly alert. The My Watch team will immediately call the person to assess the situation, and promptly dispatch the emergency responders.

Oliver Wleh Klark Jr. is the Chief Executive Officer of RoviaGate Technology Company, a technology company that is providing emergency service.

KlarK explains how his then-girlfriend now-wife had an encounter with robbers at her residence at night and was lucky, to get his brother and rush to rescue her.

“That the incident left me with the ‘what if’ moment. I kept asking myself what if. What if I was not in the country? He asked.

KlarK: “While thinking over it. I tried to develop a solution and I took the idea to the office and said, gentlemen can we find a solution?”

While finding the solution he said another incident fire took place involving the loss of life of one of his neighbors.

He added: “Again, I said what if she had access to health? So, we say we can use this unfortunate event as a learning situation to provide doctors to other people who have a fire emergency. So, we incorporate that solution into our plan to cater to that. And that is how the fire emergency came about. And so, we said we can do fire, we can do security, we can do health, and a lot more we can do with our platform to give people that opportunity whenever there is an emergency.”

My Watch CEO praised partners and also urged residents to take advantage of the opportunity and be safe in the case of emergency.  

“If anyone of you here has utilized the app you will realize how good the service is and that because we have reliable people, dedicated staffs, day in and day out regardless of what the weather situation is they are working around the clock.

“From the moment you signaled us, the call goes to the dispatch center and the dispatch center gets the respondent next to you.

He named the Liberia National Fire Service, Pilot Security, the Ministry of Health through the EMT, Abu Banna Initiative (ABI) as great partners to the My Watch company.

Also, the Liberia National Fire Service Col. Alex K. Dickson praised the My Watchman team for what he terms as innovation to the country.

The former Deputy for Operation at the Liberia National Police Abraham Kromah lauded the effort of the My Watchman team and as head of a security firm promise to give them his full supports when it comes to the issue of crimes.