Farafina Group CEO Wants Standard Homes for Liberians


Monrovia – The President and CEO of Farafina Investment group Al Moustapha Kouyateh has assured Liberians that his institution is working with the National Housing Authority (NHA) to provide standard housing units for Liberians in the soonest possible time.

Kouyateh told FrontPage Africa at the end of a three-day National Housing Forum over the weekend that the housing unit in Brewerville that was constructed by the past administration is views by many as ‘substandard’ and wants feature housing units to be more guarantee.

“Homes that were built in the Brewerville area were seen as substandard homes and this is while we are encouraging foreign partners to come in with their new technology so that we will build homes that will dignify the livelihood of our people,” Kouyateh said.

For this reason, he noted that Farifina Investment Group is partnering with the HNA to ensure that homes that would be constructed will provide comfort for Liberians.

However, he noted that the new housing unit project they are working on will have four different format, ranging from social, economic and luxury houses among others.

Equally according to him, companies that would be involved with the construction will be made to include 90 percent Liberians within their employed. 

“These companies will train these Liberians on different construction skills,” Koyateh added.  

He further encouraged local leaders to provide land space to the NHA as a way of buttressing this initiative. 

When constructed Kouyateh also said the minimum cost for each of these houses will range from US$10,000 to 50,000, depending on the kind of comfort needed. 

“You can build a two-bedroom house for US$10,000 and three bedrooms for US$50,000 but it depend on the kind of house you will want to live in,” Koyateh said.

He lauded President Weah for proposing the need to have a national housing forum that would bring expert from different places to brainstorm on possible way of providing standard and affordable housing for every Liberians.

The forum which ended with a plan to provide every Liberians house brought together 79 delegates from Euro, Asia and Africa.

These partners according to Kouyateh will be working with his investment group and the NHA in implementing the housing project.

While he sees the move as a best option for government to provide homes for Liberians, Kouyateh said government might not have the capacity to fully implement the project, emphasizing the need for local banks like the LBDI to help in crediting government with funding for the construction process.

“Our contractors who will be given the fund can pay in 10 to 20 years. We have had discussion with LBDI President and he assured us that the Bank is prepared to enhance such initiative,” Kouyateh maintained.

Mr. Kouyateh in the same time believes the construction of houses these homes by the NHA, will encouraged other Liberians abroad who do not want to return home due to lack of homes to own a home.

He said: “Homes that should be built by NHA should be for every Liberians and not from this tribe or party.”