Faith Organization Wants Pres. Weah Not to Adhere to Morlu’s Call to Deny Non-Partisans Employment Opportunities

Chairman of the ruling CDC Mulbah Morlu

Monrovia – The Board of Directors of the Faith and Justice Network (FJN) of the Mano River Union Basin Countries calls on President George Manneh Weah not to honor call by  CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu to deny competent opposition politicians and non-partisans access to fair employment opportunities in government.

In a strongly-worded press conference held on October 31, 2019, the CDC Chairman, called on his Party’s Standard bearer and the President of Liberia, George Manneh Weah to weed out oppositions he claimed are leaking out sensitive information from government. 

FJN Board of Directors believes that such pronouncement and the manner in which it was expressed is not healthy and should be discouraged by President Weah, the peace loving citizens and Liberia’s International Partners.

The statement uttered by the Chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), is debatable, divisive and inimical to consolidating peace and justice in the country; especially at this time when there are growing socio-economic and political tensions in the nation highlighted by unprecedented number of aggrieved governmental and non-governmental groups planning protests and go-slows. We all know how divided the nation has become over the announcements and threats of a pending nation-wide protest by leaders of the Council of Patriots on December 30, 2019.

Denying citizens access to jobs or failing to pay civil servants just wages disrupts the survival of all affected law-abiding inhabitants of Liberia. The FJN considers any dismissal of persons on the basis of party label or mere allegation is tantamount to witch hunt and violations of fundamental human rights. The FJN and its international partners take cognizance of the fact that no emerging democracy can thrive on “winner-take-all” or calculated marginalization of those who express honest disagreements about the modus operandi of its leadership style.

We encourage Chairman Morlu to come up with convincing evidence against those civil servants he claims are “undermining the government” via the leakage of sensitive information.”   And, in view of the forgoing, FJN calls on the president not to give credence to the ruling Party Chairman’s winner-take-all agenda as a peace ambassador and head of state. The consequences of such discriminatory comment are not good for the healing and reconciliation process of Liberia.

FJN as a faith-based advocacy institution working with churches and church related institutions against social and economic injustices within the Mano River Basin countries remains in fervent prayer with this government to fully deliver its campaign promises with total economic recovery, unity, peace and Justice to the Glory of God.