Erratum: Fomba Toure Not Former Soldier, New Verified Accounts Reveal


December 30, 2020 FrontPage Africa Newspaper and its online platform’s publication bearing the headline “Fomba Toure, Liberian living in America Fear Returning Home Over Unreconciled Country Emboldened with Witch-hunt” has it that he (Fomba Toure) was a member of the disbanded Armed Force of Liberia (AFL) even though with no bad human rights records.

As author of the article, I (David S. Menjor) have recollected and verified from Mr. Toure and other sources that he, Toure was not a member of the disbanded Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) and I hereby apologize for the factual misrepresentation.

New accounts have it that Toure was a civilian instead of a military man when the civil war of the 1990s broke out. The new accounts, however, support the previous accounts which say that he struggled at all times in the midst of the crisis to safe his family and that the war had no respect for family, tribe or religion.

In a recent conversation with the author of the news article, Toure, although bothered by the insertion of the words stating that he wore uniform and served as military police, said “to err is human and I am confident that the intent of the author was not to misrepresent the truth about me neither harm me.”

Same article published by The Inquirer News Paper on the same date of December 30, 2020 but with the headline “Former AFL Soldier Hits At Weah’s Gov’t,” is said to have some concerns about him (Toure) meddling in the regular politics of the day in Liberia; something he has considered to also clarify that he is not anti-Weah regime neither wants any political relevance or attention in Liberia or the United States of America.

Instead, Toure said that Liberia is his place of birth and has committed no crime which may prevent him from returning home; even though he expressed his wish, as expressed in the previous article that Liberia improves and once again become that loving and enviable nation once sought by many other nationals.

He added: “I am pleased that the journalist who reported the story realized the errors and has since apologized for the oversight.”