Environmental Protection Agency Calls on Water Producers to Comply with Regulations


Paynesville – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has embarked on a two-day workshop for packaged water producers. It is aimed at creating awareness on the EPA’s regulations on safe drinking water.

Report by Gerald C. Koinyeneh, [email protected]

Speaking at the start of the training in Paynesville on Monday, August 13, the Deputy Executive Director of the EPA, Randall Dobayou called on water producers to operate in the confines of the regulations.

According to Mr. Dobayou, most of the water producers are following the laws, but there are few who are in the constant habit of not only contaminating the image of the industry and putting the lives of 90 percent of the population that consumes their products at risk.

He called on the law-abiding ones to work with relevant government’s agencies including the EPA in rooting out water producers that are not abiding by the government’s regulations.

“We are sending a serious message out there. If you are a water producer and you refuse to come in compliance with the law, we will come after you. During this workshop, we will give you the template and format which was set aside by law.

“We will tell you the kind of environment in which we expect you to produce water. After we have done that and when you deviate, we will come after you with strong measures. Because your actions will not only be contaminating the image of the industry but will correspondingly be exposing Liberians to danger,” he warned.

In addition to other criteria and guidelines set by the EPA, Dobayou noted that water produced must be tasteless, odorless and colorless always.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Executive Director of the EPA has warned plastic producers to desist from doing business with water producers who do not meet the EPA standard.

He noted that since plastic is not biodegradable, there was a need to regulate the use of plastic and revealed that plans are underway to engage plastic manufacturers to adhere by the laws.

Giving the overview of the seminar, EPA Chief Technical Advisor, Levi Z. Piah indicated that the event is geared towards reinvigorating the awareness exercise of the EPA regulations on safe drinking water which began in 2017 but was halted due to the Presidential and Legislative elections.

Mr. Piah stressed that a cordial relationship between the Water Producers Association of Liberia (WPAL) and relevant government agencies including the EPA will be in the interest of all parties involved.

He said when producers are abiding by the laws, the government will generate revenues from the sector for developmental purposes, and on the other hand producers will do business in a conducive atmosphere while the public will consume safe drinking water.

In separate comments, members of the Water Producers Association thanked the EPA for the workshop and vowed to cooperate with the government in weeding out the ‘bad apples’ from among them for the betterment of the sector.