Diaspora Liberians Donate Assorted School Materials to School Going Kids


Paynesville City – A humanitarian group ‘Diaspora Liberians in the United States’ has donated assorted school materials to school going kids in three high schools in Paynesville.

The materials include 150 pieces of book bags, 390 pieces of copy book, four packs candy, four packs of biscuit, and two packs sharpener and two packs of pencil.

The schools that benefited from the donation were Carver Mission Academy, Rock of Devine and the Elwood Daycare Orphanage School.

The group chief lead, Ms. Siah Kamano explained to FrontPageAfrica via mobile phone from her based in the United States,  that the group was founded to help less fortunate children who cannot afford to pay fees.

Ms. Kamano further explained that she and 11 other Liberians are thankful to fulfill their dreams of giving back to struggling communities, families and children.

According to Ms. Kamano the Diaspora Liberians in the United States has been  committed to working with schools, clinics, orphanages and vulnerable communities to providing assistance since the outbreak of the Coronavirus  pandemic in the country.

During the presentation of the donation, the group coordinator in Liberia, Mr.  Kaifa Holmes said the materials are intended to assist school going kids amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Holmes stated that the gesture will also serve as a way of elevating pressure some of parents who might not have finance to purchase these items.

Holmes further encouraged the students to take their lesson serious in order to empower themselves in their future endeavor.

“These are kind gesture from few Liberians in the United States who believed that it is the time to give back and to empower some of these students that cannot afford,” Holmes said.

Receiving the items, the Proprietor of the Elwood Daycare, Eleanor Wuo thanked the group for the kind gesture.

Mot Wuo further said that items came as a surprise but promised that the children will use the materials for it intended purpose. 

“We are grateful for the concern, to be able to think about the little ones. We will try our best for the children to grow up to be somebody,” she said.

Also making a brief remark, the principal of the Rock of Devine School, C.  Alphonso Harris extended appreciation to the group for the gesture and remembering these students back home.

 “We want to say thank to the Diaspora Liberians for remembering us in this time where we are faced with this kind of deadly situation in the country.”  This is something that worthwhile for both the schools and students,” Pastor Harris said.