“Desist from Yellow Journalism” – Catholic Prelate Cautions the Liberian Media


BARCLAYVILLE, Grand Kru County – Members of the Press Union of Liberia have gathered in the faraway South Eastern city of Barclayville, Grand Kru County to commemorate this year’s observance of World Press Freedom. 

This year’s event is being observed under the theme: “Information as a Public Good”. 

As part of activities marking the celebration members of the Press Union of Liberia led by their president Charles B. Coffey attended an intercessory service at the St. Peter Clever Catholic Church in Barclayville city. 

In his homily, the Priest in Charge, Father Prince Sieh commented journalists for what he termed their very invaluable service to provide information to the public. ” We respect and pay homage to you [ journalists] because you inform us about daily happenings and through you we are enlightened to make informed decisions. ” Father Sieh, while paying homage to the media community. 

The Roman Catholic prelate was quick to remind journalists of what a few bad apples that are seemingly engaging in activities that have the propensity to corrode the image of the media.

“A few of you [journalists] practice yellow journalism.” Father Sieh informed the packed church that had attendees including the Deputy Speaker of Liberia’s Legislature, Cllr. Johnathan Fonati Koffa, Grand Kru County Superintendent Doris Ylatue and Barclayville city Mayor Benetta Blamo. 

The Priest then continued.  “We are calling on those involved in such practice of yellow journalism to desist because it is dangerous in every democratic society.” Father sounded a caveat. 

” If the news is not factual, balanced and reliable, people are misinformed.” The Priest pointed out. 

“When people are misinformed, they may result to violence which has the proclivity to destabilize an entire nation as evident in the Rwandan genocide.” Father Sieh cautioned while reflecting on the negative role the media played in the crisis in Rwanda. 

In a brief statement, the President of the Press Union of Liberia, Charles Coffey commended Father Sieh for the message delivered ahead of the main celebration of World Press Freedom Day. 

” This is a reminder of the crucial role we have to play in serving the public in way that does not undermine national development,” said Coffey.