Deputy Education Min. Da-Thony Challenges LICOSESS Graduates to be Ethical

Deputy Education Minister for Administration Latim Da-Thony

Paynesville – Deputy Education Minister for Administration Latim Da-Thony has challenged the 2019 graduates of the LICOSESS Mobile Teachers Training College to be ethical in the discharge of the academic duties.  

Mr. Da-Thony said Liberia’s academic growth will depend on the upholding of ethical standards by the current and future generation of teachers.

“As high-level professionals, uphold ethics in a way that your own children will want to emulate you, because we have accepted this sacred role, without any intention, rather than helping to shift the world for ourselves,” Mr. Da-Thony said.

Speaking over the weekend, at the commencement convocation of the LICOSESS Mobile Teacher’s Training College in Paynesville, he said the classroom should not be used as an area to subject students to unethical practices.

The college graduated 470 teachers in various educational fields with Associates of Arts Degrees, C-Certificates and General Education.

According to Deputy Minister Da-Thony, immoral practices by teachers in the classroom will have negative effect on the lives of students they are helping to prepare.

The Deputy Education Minister further admonished teachers that their actions towards students in the classroom will definitely speak for them in the future, admonishing them to be professional.

“You don’t know the future. As teachers and educators, we should see every student as light for the future and we must help them to light it up,” Da-Thony averred.

He encouraged them to remain firmed and do away with things that will tend to drive them from upholding professionalism in their educational sojourn.

He said: “As you walk through the doors of the teaching profession, many lives will be shifted by you, many nations will be affected by the workls you do.”

Mr. Da-Thony further cautioned the management of LICOSESS Mobile Teachers Training College to continue its endeavor to improve the capacities of teachers currently serving in the Liberian educational system.

For his part, the Chair of the Board of the College, Oppong Assaire, readmitted the institutions’ commitment to provide quality teachers training for Liberian.     

At the same time, the Valedictorian of the graduating class, Momoh Conteh is appealing to government through the Department of Higher Education to grant LICOSESS with a permit to offer a Bachelor Degree program.

Mr. Conteh also wants government to increase its subsidy to LICOSESS.

“I appeal for increase support through funding for continue and sustain growth. I am also appealing to government to grant LICOSESS permit to offer Bachelor Degree program in the field of education,’ Conteh asserted.

Meanwhile, Conteh called on his colleagues to use the achievement to make positive transformations in Liberia.