Deceased Journalist Family Expresses Disappointment in Ongoing Murder Investigation


Monrovia – The family of murdered Liberian journalist Tyron Browne has expressed disappointment in the manner in which the case surrounding the death of their son is being handled by the Liberia National Police and the government.

Report by Edwin G. Genoway, Jr., [email protected]

Browne’s parents, at a news conference, said the LNP is refusing to properly inform them about the ongoing investigation.

The lifeless body of the journalist was found on April 16, 2018 when he was dumped on an unpaved road leading to the Kingdom Care Hospital in Duport Road, Paynesville, hours after he was murdered.

The police have so far arrested the alleged murderer, Jonathan Williams and his accomplices. Williams is currently behind bars at the Monrovia Central Prison awaiting court trial.

At the press conference on Wednesday, Samuel Sieh, uncle of the Tyron, claimed that the family feels threatened because of the way the investigation is unfolding.

“We the family of the late Tyron feels that our lives are threatened based on the manner and circumstance surrounding his death. This, we indicated to the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police  Patrick Sudue who visited us at our residence on the morning of Thursday, April 17, 2018,” they said.

The family continued, “We applaud the Liberia National Police for the steps taken but want them to remain truthful and committed to their implementation.  We were also promised by the Inspector General of the LNP that the family will be informed and updated regularly of which this has a shortfall.”

Sieh said the family has been cooperative since the start of the investigation but frowned on the police for its failure to provide an update to the family.

He said the hearts of the family are bleeding and are disappointed in the government for not giving them due courtesy, adding “we are indeed saddened by this gruesome murder of this peaceful, loving and professional young gentleman”.

Sieh, however, said the family recognizes the police vigorous efforts apprehending the prime suspect and other accomplices.

But he said the efforts of the police were covered with series of “backlashes” from the public due to missteps by the police following the arrests.

“These may include the prime suspect Jonathan was still in the possession of his mobile phone which we believe may have led to the tampering of evidence, while he walked hands swinging and masquerading as a royal when others who were charged along with him for minor offenses in relation to this crime were being handcuffed,” Sieh noted, questioning the police decision to give suspect Williams extra privileges while in custody.

“For God’s sake, this is an alleged murderer, the police did not even give the family the courtesy and respect to inform us when these alleged criminals were taken to court. We were left with no communication or information about what was obtaining but had to be informed by people from the outside, until now there has still not been clear or proper information dissemination to our family,” he said.

He said there are many unanswered questions that they seek clarity on, “Justice does not end at arresting an individual or individuals, this should be the beginning of finding the truth for which the family of Tyron and the law of the land requires,” Sieh noted.