CPP Standard Bearer Alexander Cummings Urges Nimbians to Register to Vote ahead of October Presidential Election


Tappita, Nimba County – The standard bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander Benedict Cummings, has urged Nimbians (residents of Nimba) to register to vote when the voter registration gets underway next month in order to be able to vote on election day in October.

By Selma Lomax

Cummings made the call during separate programs with Nimbians in Saclepia and Tappita.

He affirmed that he had faith in the resilience of Liberians to surmount challenges and that he believed they would overcome the current hardship confronting the country.

“As you came out en masse today, I implore you register to vote when the voter registration process begins next month, and use your voting card to our advantage on election day in October, because that is what will deliver you into the prosperity we have promised.

“You came out happily to welcome me and my team, God will make this our endeavor end in happiness. All you people here, you shall not go blind, you shall not go deaf, you shall not know bitterness, you shall all witness the greatness of our dear country, Liberia,” he said.

Cummings, who traced a connection between education and employment, said both variables would be properly managed if elected as president.

The political leader of the Alternative National Congress noted that he not only had plans to engage technically oriented Liberians but also commercially savvy and academically gifted citizens to turn the fortune of the country around.

He said: “We will establish companies, we will set up registration centers for the unemployed in order to get them job placements.

“We will establish vocational centers for those who want to learn crafts. Our children were not sent to school to suffer and waste away, they will become great.

The Chairman of CPP, Musa Hassan Bility, accompanied Cummings to Saclepia and Tappita

In his short remarks, the Chairman of CPP and a prominent son of Nimba County, Musa Hassan Bility, expressed gratitude to the people of the county, particularly supporters and loyalists of the CPP, for their steadfastness and commitment.

He implored the crowd to continue to support CPP and its standard bearer, stressing that it was important for them to support Cummings in this year’s election.

“I’m supporting Cummings because I feel he’s the right man to lead Liberia. We have tried President George Weah and former Vice President Joseph Boakai in separate roles, and they haven’t done the country any good. Cummings has been tested and proven globally evidenced by the successes he achieved during his stint as head of Coca-Cola. I believe if he can succeed in that role, he can succeed as president of Liberia,” he said.

Accompanying Cummings in Nimba were Lewis Brown, an elite member of the Cummings for President Team, former Nimba County superintendent, Fong Zuagele, chiefs and elders of the county.

FrontPageAfrica’s correspondent reports that Cummings and his team lived up to its billing as thousands of supporters besieged Zoulay in Tappita, venue of the first meeting, to listen to Cummings.

They had converged on the venue as early as 9am Wednesday, awaiting the arrival of Cummings and his team.

The rally eventually took off around 1pm with Cummings and his wife Teresa, acknowledging cheers from the crowd as they made their way into the venue.