Cllr. Jallah Barbu Dispels Rumors of Gov’t Bankrolling His Campaign for the Liberia National Bar Association Presidency


MONROVIA – A presidential candidate in the Liberia Bar Association election, Dr. Jallah Barbu, has dispelled rumors circulating in the legal fraternity that the Government of Liberia has funded and is supporting his candidacy.

“It’s important that I inform you, my dear colleagues, that I have not received nor am I being sponsored by any organization, power or institution,” Cllr. Barbu said.

It has been in fact rumored that the government supplied me a huge badge of gas and fuel coupons to distribute to my supporters; and that the President Weah requested me to contest in the elections.

Cllr. Barbu continued, “These rumors are untrue and unfounded. I challenge any lawyer or non-lawyer to prove me wrong.”

He told his colleagues and the general public Thursday, Nov. 25, that as they proceed to elections, he remains resolute to maintain the integrity, independence and sanctity of the Bar.

The law professor pledged that when elected president of the Bar, he shall uphold the image of the legal fraternity and strengthen it.

He asked his colleagues to stand with the Bar and cast their vote for him as he will lead responsibly, serve professionally and engage holistically.

Dr. Barbu congratulated members of the Bar for the high level of interest shown in this convention and by extension the Bar itself.

The law professor wished everyone safe travels to Ganta City, Nimba County and a memorable stay.