Civil Society Group Awards Orange-Liberia Awarded Best GSM Company


Monrovia – On Thursday, November 28, Orange-Liberia became the recipient of the prestigious award of Best GSM Company in Liberia.  The National Civil Society Union of Liberia (NACSUL), which honored the GSM service provider, said it had done because of the company’s strive to impact the lives of ordinary Liberians through its many services. 

NACSUL, which is a conglomeration of a number of civil society organizations, through its president Amos B. S. Kanneh said they held a retreat in Ganta, Nimba County, to review their annual activities and evaluate the progress made thus far.

“At the retreat, it was resolved that private and public institutions that have served the society with commitment be recognized, in order that it may serve as motivation for them to do more, as civil society organizations are not only meant to criticize wrongdoings but to also appreciate good works. Representatives of member organizations debated the matter and, with one accord, agreed that Orange-Liberia has met every criteria set for the recognition,” Kanneh said in a release.

 The release noted that, prior to NACSUL’s retreat, a survey was conducted in 13 of the political subdivisions of Liberia, which revealed that Orange-Liberia has done so much to impact the livelihood of the citizenry through their Orange Money, social-corporate responsibility, sponsorship of community and national activities, and providing easy access to communication. 

“It was argued that, with the introduction of Orange Money, people no longer needed to travel long distances to send or receive cash; instead, they could sit home or office and do so with ease,” he further stated.

According to NACSUL’s release, it was revealed that almost everyone spoken to during the conduct of the survey, who were asked to give a contact number, provided an Orange number. This, according to the release, spoke volumes to the fact that Orange Liberia has touched the lives of individuals of all walks of life and every part of the nation. 

The survey also revealed that Orange-Liberia has provided job opportunities for scores of Liberians, especially through their sub-offices at every Total Liberia station, Orange Money booths and hired contractors who go into the communities to register, sell and retrieve Orange SIM cards.

The NACSUL release said, based on these and many other reasons, Orange Liberia was selected as the winner of this year’s “Best GSM Company of the Year”.

Receiving the honor on behalf of Orange Liberia, the Chief Executive Officer of Orange-Liberia, Mamadou Coulibaly, said he was grateful for the award and dedicated it to the entire staff of Orange Liberia.

Coulibaly said, “We are really happy. Thank you for this recognition. For us, you have motivated us to do more. What we are doing is to change the lives of the people for the better, as communication is a basic need.

   “It is important, as a company in the Republic of Liberia with international friends, to encourage our friends and partners to invest in the economy of Liberia. It is not easy, but we are doing our best. You may see that, just after two years, we have already started to invest in fiber optic, in order to help us cover the most parts of rural Liberia. We will continue in this path.”

   Coulibaly continued, “In our social-corporate responsibility drive, we are working to start our Orange-Liberia program, ‘Orange Village’. Every year, we will be able to construct a clinic, a school and a well in a village. This is yet another way we intend to give back to the communities. Thanks a lot. We receive this prize in pride and happiness.”

   The program was held at the Orange-Liberia headquarters, Capitol Bye-Pass, with NACSUL’s President, Kanneh, recommending to CEO Coulibaly that Orange-Liberia expand to the remotest part of the country, for people there too to feel their impact.