Civil Peace Service Conducts Three-Day Open Space Training for Thirty Participants Ahead of Liberia’s 2023 Elections


PAYNESVILLE –  The Civil Peace Service (CPS) on Monday began a three day working sessions to teach participants meeting techniques for running meetings where they can create and manage the agenda themselves in taking ownership of issue and solutions ahead of Liberia’s 2023 election.

The CPS Liberia’s chapter is a conglomeration of YMCA, Center for Justice and Peace study, The New African Research and Development Agency and LOIC and supported by Bread of the World, Germany.

The training started on Monday and expected to benefit 30 participants on ways to facilitate and promote open space trainings.

According to the National Coordinator of CPS, Joseph Howard, the Open space training is a virtual learning that promotes democratic and participatory methodology with aim to work with people in various communities in a non- threatening way in making them contribute to development of their own society by identifying issues and sorting solutions rather than being imposed without having a say in decision making.

“The technology works effectively when you have people who are experienced to the technique through training,” he said.

He encouraged participants who are part of the three-day training to go out and share the knowledge learned to teach others about the value of open-space activities and conferences used at to organize activities.

For her part, Julian Westphal, Lead facilitator of CPS, thanked the participants and encourage them to use the open space training to teach others about the open space and learn neutrally.