Civil Law Court Honors Associate Justice Kaba as ‘Grandeur of Justice and Humanity’

Judge Dunbar (right) presenting the Certificate of Appreciation to Associate Justice Yousif D. Kaba (left)

Brewerville, Montserrado County – Staffers of the Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia over the weekend honored newly appointed Associate Justice Yousif D. Kaba as a “Legend of the court and the grandeur of Justice and humanity”.

The Associate Justice was honored on Saturday, May 18, 2019, in Brewerville, Montserrado County.

Associate Justice Yousif D. Kaba was also gowned, sashed and certificated at the program by the staffs of the Civil Law Court.

Associate Justice Yousif Kaba replaces impeached former Associate Justice Kabineh Mohammed Jan’eh.

Presenting the award, the Assistant Clerk of Criminal Court ‘A’, Victor G. Gailor said the award is in recognition of his outstanding dedication and commitment in serving the Civil Law Court as a resident Circuit Judge from  2009 to 2019.

“Do you know what it means to work from 2009-2019 without a fault? Without criticism? But only recognition, only praises?” Madam Emma Washington said during the sashing of the Associate Justice.

Madam Washington also admonished Justice Kaba to continue his services to the legal profession and the justice system of the country, noting that “Don’t relent, what is done for Christ, what is done for Allah is done for the world. You will always be praised and look at.”

Also speaking during the presentation of the Certificate of Appreciation, Judge Scheaplor R. Dunbar of the Civil Law Court stated that the certificate of appreciation is also in recognition of Justice Kaba dedicated service to the work of the Civil Law Court over the past years as a resident circuit judge.

“We present this certificate of appreciation and we believe that your ascendency to the high court has brought joy to us and we believe you will not forget us,” Judge Dunbar said.

For his part, Associate Justice Kaba thanked the staffers for the high honored bestowed upon him, stating “I will forever remember it.”

He also added that though he has left the court, his relationship with the court continues.

“One thing that I will not leave is the spirit of the court. The spirit that developed together, I will never leave that spirit,” he said. 

The Associate Justice was appointed by President George M. Weah to fill the vacancy created at the Supreme Court by the impeachment of Former Associate Justice Kabineh M. Ja’neh.