Chinese Embassy Refutes Allegations of Discrimination Against Liberians in China


Monrovia – The Deputy Chief of Mission of the embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Monrovia said his government has “zero tolerance for discrimination,” while stressing that reports that Liberians are being maltreated in China are untrue. 

Mr. Xu Kun said that these “fake news” being share on social media about Africans or Liberians are maltreated in China.

“Chinese officials wish to inform the Liberian government and people that these reports were taken out of context, failing to reflect the whole picture of the news,” he said in an interview with the Liberian News Agency recently.

“The video posted on the social media did not show specific information such as time and place, and China has not received any information of discrimination against Liberians in its land.”

The comments by the Chinese embassy deputy chief of mission come following weeks of widespread rumor on social media that Liberians in the southern Chinese city of Guangdong were been arrested by Chinese authorities unlawfully while many others have been evicted from their homes and are in hiding.

Mr. Xu, who denied these allegations, stressed that his country and its people respect the universal rights of all humankind and that his government strongly rejects “differential treatment and discrimination.”

As the coronavirus pandemic ravages the world, China, which was the epic center of the outbreak, is now recovering as the country economy reopens and regular activities gets back to normality.

And Mr. Xu said local governments of provinces are “working promptly to improve their working method, including providing health management services” without discrimination and racism.

“Chinese side noticed that some Liberians learning and working in China made some comments on Guangdong’s Anti-epidemic Measures, which shows that there are some false and misleading information spreading on the social media relating to the video, that the Chinese police are maltreating black Africans,” he said, while calling on Liberians to “investigation properly before making comments on such issue on social media”.

“The Chinese side wishes that the Liberian government and people view the news rationally and not be blinded by the rumor and hurt the good relationship between China and Liberia.’

The Chinese diplomat hailed the “good friends, partners and brothers” relationship his county and Liberia enjoy, while recalling the milestone assistance from Beijing to Liberian during the outbreak of the Ebola virus back in 2014.

He then reassured that Beijing is also committed to help Liberia fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“China is one of the first countries to donate medical equipment to Liberia. Liberian government has already received the donation of medical supplies from Alibaba Foundation, and the next medical equipment donated by Chinese government and Alibaba Foundation will hopefully arrive in Liberia in few days,” Xu said.

“As good brothers and sisters, I strongly believe that the health and safety of Chinese people in Liberia will be well guarded by the Liberian government. China will always stay with Liberia and continue to do what it can to help Liberia fight against the virus.”

On 27th March, the health authorities in Liberia received the donation of medical supplies from Jack Ma, Alibaba Foundation. The donation included 20,000 laboratory diagnostic test kits, 100,000 medical face masks and 1,000 protective suits and face shields,

On 19th April, the second batch of donation from Alibaba Foundation for Liberia arrived in Monrovia, including 18,900 Sampling Kits with swabs and Extraction Kits, 3,700 protective suits and face shields, 9,500 pairs of Gloves, three bi-level continuous positive airway pressure devices and 36 Digital forehead infrared thermometers.

Medical supplies donated by Chinese government arrived in Liberia on April 21, nad the supplies include 10,000 medical face masks, 2,000 medical protective face masks, 2,000 disposable coveralls, 500 infrared thermometer, 2,000 medical goggles, 10,000 pairs disposable nitrile gloves and 10,000 pairs of disposable shoe covers.

“The second batch of medical equipment donated by the Chinese government to Liberia will be here soon. And the Chinese Embassy, companies and Chinese people in Liberia also donated cash and lots of supplies to support Liberia to fight the pandemic,” said Mr. Xu

“China will continue offering as much help as possible based on African countries’ needs. Working with the African side, China will continue implementing our goals in the health sector under the FOCAC framework, improving the capacity of Africa CDC, and enhancing African countries’ capabilities to mitigate and contain the disease.”