Chinese Embassy In Monrovia Reacts to Allegation of ‘Maltreatment’ of Africans In China


Monrovia – Since the COVID-19 outbreak, China and Liberia have been supporting each other in fighting the pandemic. China won’t forget the support voiced and provided by Liberian government and  people when China was at the most crucial stage of the fight.

Now the Chinese government and people are doing our best to help Liberia. Faced with the severe test of epidemics, China and Liberia are united more than ever, demonstrating brotherhood in times of adversity.

However, some social media recently says there has been discrimination against Africans including Liberia people in Guangdong, such as that 15 Liberian people have been arrested by Chinese authorities unlawfully while many others have been evicted from their homes and in hiding.

The Chinese side wishes to inform the Liberian government and people that these reports were taken out of context, failing to reflect the whole picture of the news. The video posted on the social media did not show specific information such as time or place, and China has not received any information of discrimination against Liberians in its land.

China always treats all foreign nationals equally in China, rejecting differential treatment, and having zero tolerance for discrimination. Related authorities of China are working promptly to improve their working method, including providing health management services without differentiation; setting up effective communication mechanism with foreign consulates-general in Guangzhou and rejecting all racist and discriminatory remarks.

Chinese side noticed that some Liberian learning and working in China made some comments on Guangdong’s Anti-epidemic Measures, which shows that there are some false and misleading information spreading on the social media relating the video that, the Chinese police are maltreating black Africans.

Please do not listen to rumors and kindly do your investigation properly before making comments on such issue on social media. China wishes that the Liberian government and people can view the news rationally and never blinded by the rumor and hurt the good relationship between China and Liberia.

China and Liberia are good friends, partners and brothers, whenever one side is in difficulty, the other will do its best to help.

In 2014, China was the first country to send a medical team and lots of protective equipment to help Liberia fight Ebola. As for Covid-19, China is one of the first countries that donate medical equipment to Liberia.

Liberia government has already received the donation of medical supplies from Jack Ma’s Alibaba Foundation, recently and the next medical equipment donated by Chinese government and Alibaba Foundation will hopefully arrive in Liberia next week and Chinese Embassy, company and Chinese people in Liberia also donated lots of supplies to support Liberia to fight the pandemic.

China will continue to do what it can do to help Liberia fight against the virus. We are convinced that through mutual assistance, we will prevail over this outbreak and embrace a brighter future for Liberian people!