CENTAL Presents “State Of Corruption Report 2021 On Liberia” To VP Howard-Taylor


Monrovia – The Executive Director of the Center for Transparency and Accountability (CENTAL) in Liberia Tuesday, October 5, 2021, presented the institution’s State of Corruption Report 2021 on Liberia to Vice President Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor.

Presenting the Report, Mr. Anderson D. Miamen extolled VP Howard-Taylor for her unwavering support to establish integrity institutions in the country.

The State of Corruption Report 2021, according to CENTAL, is a comprehensive document that reveals the rate of corruption and what needs to be done to promote transparency and accountability in Liberia.

Mr. Miamen recalled that the current Vice President, while serving as a senator in the Legislature, played a significant role in the passage of crucial legislations, which led to the establishment of numerous integrity institutions in the country.

He named such institutions as the Governance Commission (GC), the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), Public Procurement and Concession Commission, the Code of Conduct for public officials, and the IAA and Financial Intelligence Unit, amongst others.

According to a release from the Office of the Vice President, the CENTAL boss thanked the Liberian Vice President for said support but called for further investment and more support to these independent institutions in the fight against corruption in the country.

He disclosed that the State of Corruption Report 2021 shows that nine out of ten Liberians think corruption remains high in Liberia, with a lack of confidence in the public sector to address it.

“Corruption level is high with the majority of the respondents in this Report not having confidence in the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary branches of government to fight the menace. Corruption continues to permeate Liberian politics and public service. Allegations of patronage, nepotism, and cronyism plague politics, petty corruption is rife, and that judicial independence is also weak,” Mr. Miamen asserted.

Mr. Miamen, however, noted that the Report sets the basis for dialogue with national authorities while also informing broader debates and contact points to facilitate information exchange on anti-corruption policy.

Receiving the instrument, Vice President Howard-Taylor thanked CENTAL for the State of Corruption Report but stressed the need for further dialogue with all stakeholders on the findings and recommendations in the Report.

Vice President Howard-Taylor maintained that a more constructive dialogue with key government and other actors on the findings and recommendations of the CENTAL State of Corruption Report would also help set the basis for the government’s anti-corruption reform policies in various sectors.

Vice President Howard-Taylor also encouraged CENTAL to begin monitoring the management of the County Development Funds, placing specific emphasis on the usage of the funds received annually.

She wants CENTAL and other critical integrity institutions to not only focus on the Executive branch of government but also give attention to the Legislature and the Judiciary Branches of government.

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor further stated: “We thank various integrity institutions and individuals that continue to work together in the fight against corruption in the country. Let me specifically thank CENTAL for this professional piece of Research work on the state of corruption in the country. We as a government should now begin to lead by example in this process and increasing budgetary support to public integrity institutions and impartially investigating and prosecuting Corruption cases and complaints.”