CEMENCO’s Distributors Hail Management For Giving Back


MONROVIA – “We are the ambassadors for this company and so we want to admonish that we are the foot soldiers that have been recognized.  And we want to assure you that we will stand tall and you can depend on us,” these were the words of one oF  the distributors of  the Liberia Cement Corporation generally referred to as CEMENCO when  he spoke on  Friday, June 21, 2019 during CEMENCO  Distributors’ Awards  Ceremony.

Mr. Patrick Komoyan, who spoke on behalf of the  Golden Group, said the only thing they, as distributors, need from the CEMENCO’s management is good marketing strategy.

“Without good marketing strategy,  your  product will not grow/sell.  We already have the market, but the only thing we need from management is cooperation between management and we, the distributors.  Management must see us like their children. We know the teeth and tongue can make palaver, but you must  see us like your children so that together we can move forward,” Distributor Komonyan told the CEMENCO’s management amid tremendous applause from  the audience. 

Like Distributor Komoyan, other distributors, who spoke on behalf of their groups,  reechoed similar message and wholeheartedly  thanked the management of the company for honoring and giving back to them. 

They vowed to redouble their efforts in making CEMEMCO more great in the cement business and the  human driven initiatives being embarked upon by the company.

Meanwhile, the CEMENCO Distributors’ Awards  Ceremony, which was held   in grand style, took place at the company’s head offices situated on Somalia Drive, Freeport, Monrovia, Liberia.

CEMENCO, which is involved in the production of quality cement, is regarded   as a major company in the economy of  Liberia.  The company had and continues to contribute immensely to the development of the  country as well as  the enhancement of  President George Manneh  Weah’s Government  much publicized Pro-Poor Agenda  for Development and Prosperity.

Interestingly, as part of its social corporate responsibility and motivation, the management of CEMENCO every year recognizes its distributors for their invaluable performance level and this latest awards ceremony was in recognition of those distributors that performed well in 2018.

In this vein, the management of CEMENCO led by its hardworking  and gentle  Managing Director, Mr. William Gaignard, certificated 20 of the company’s distributors who were arranged  in three groups, namely:  Silver, Golden  and Platinum based on their performance level. 

In a brief statement, Gaignard  thanked the 20 certificated  distributors for their  excellent performance in 2018  and challenged other distributors to emulate their examples. 

 Gaignarid described the role of all the distributors as ambassadors  to CEMENCO, stressing that “without you we cannot sell”. 

“There is no competition between you and CEMENCO, the competition is outside. You are the best and we are the best, congratulation for your high-level performance and congratulations again,” he, among other things, added.           

Meanwhile,  MD Gaignarid thanked his CEMENCO’s team for their continued commitment and dedication in making the company outstanding and challenged them to remain steadfast and more committed in the execution of their assigned task.