CEMENCO Drops Prices of Cement


MONROVIA – The Management of Cemenco, one of Liberia’s largest manufacturers of cement products, has informed the government of its decision to drop the price of the commodity on the Liberian market. The move, the company says, is in keeping with a recent Government of Liberia action to carry out similar adjustments in the prices of petroleum products in the country.

The Ministry of Commerce last week announced a new price structure for gasoline and diesel fuel, as prices fall on the international market. At the time, Commerce Minister Mawine Diggs warned marketers that its inspectors would carry out rigorous inspections in order to enforce compliance.

Cemenco’s decision to effect a price change is expected to come into force on Tuesday, September 13, 2022. The new prices are as follow:

CEM II / B-M 32.5 R USD $ 7.50

•CEM II / B-M 42.5R USD $ 8.10

•CEM I 52.5R USD $ 9.50

The government has been working in recent months with various importers and distributors of essential commodities on the Liberian market in an effort to keep prices stable and affordable  for ordinary consumers.

Cemenco’s management has said it is committed to the government’s pro-poor agenda, in fulfillment of the  “true partnership” it has with Liberia. The company says a second phase of price reduction might take place on October 1, 2022.