Catholic Jesuit Order Dedicates Xavier Jesuit School in Liberia


Margibi – Catholic Religious Group of Priests and Brothers have dedicated its educational institution in Liberia, the Xavier Jesuit School.

The school, located in lower Margibi County, is among several institutions constructed by the Jesuits around the world, since its activities in 1546.

The school has modern classroom facilities, bathrooms dinning hall and Libraries for students from nursery to elementary level.

At the dedication ceremony held on Thursday, December 3, Catholic Archbishop of Monrovia, His Grace, Lewis J. Ziegler said the building may look simple at the moment, but it demonstrates a new beginning of bigger development within that Community.

Bishop Ziegler stated that the dedication of the school is a dream come true for him.

“This little tree you see, will grow to be a big tree and the birds will nest on its branches,” Bishop Ziegler said.

“It may look simple in front us now, but as years come, you will see a greater thing.”

According to him, the institution may be seen as just a building with few classrooms, but the Jesuit are looking far beyond such a project in Liberia.

He assured members of the Wehn Town Community, where the school is located, that in few years, the community will witness the construction of a university in that same location.

Bishop Ziegler encouraged the community members to work along with the Jesuit Order, so that everyone can be able to celebrate at the end, in making such a vision becomes a reality.

“On behalf of the church in Liberia and the Archdiocese of Monrovia, we thank God greatly that you heard that voice of Saint Francis Xavier, saying to you, go to Liberia and set it up a fire. The fire you are going to set here is training the minds and brains and helping the citizens of Liberia.”

Though, according to the Bishop, the terrain seems difficult for work to be done there, he wants others to join in making the compound livelier.

At the same time, Rev. Fr. Chuks Afiawari of the Society of Jesus, also a Jesuit Member said the Jesuit inspiration to implement such project was based on encouragement from Bishop Zigler and Sister Mary Laurence Brown to invest in education in Liberia.

Fr. Afiawari stated that the Jesuit does not only intend to build kindergarten school in the area, but has a vision to see children running around several properties all over the compounds.

He maintained that their goal is to provide an education that will focus on excellence and transformation among others, that will improve the welfare of all.

“I can give you my word, that the Jesuit has come to stay and will not to go anywhere,” Rev. Fr. Afiawari explained.

“We pray that what God has started here will bring to good end.”

In the meantime, the District Education Officer of the Farmington Education District, Lower Margibi, Ophelia Kennedy has lauded the Jesuit for the project in Liberia.

Madam Kenny said the project is important and will be of benefit to children in Liberia.

She then encouraged parents, saying “This is an opportunity that we need to take advantage of, so we must embrace this initiative.”

The Xavier Jesuit School is situated on 40 acres of land in Wehn Town, along the Roberts International Airport Highway.

According to the principal of the School Rev. Fr. Kevin Oodo, (Society of Jesus), the construction work began 10 months ago.

“Since 1546, the Jesuit had been running education program across the world,” Rev. Oodo asserted.

Rev. Oodo further explained that the Jesuit Order intends to transform the entire Wehn Town Community within 10 years period, through education and other social services.

He said the school will be offering modern educational methods for students.