Campaigners for Change International, Partners Raise Awareness Against Organized Crime


MONROVIA –The ‘Campaigners for Change International’ – a pro-democracy and youth empowerment organization and its partners- ‘LIB-X Records’, ‘Jesus Psalmist Ministries International’ and ‘Liberia’s Disadvantaged Citizens Network’ have called for a concerted effort in preventing the high crime rate and other negative vices posing threat to the communities.

Speaking during the end of a three-day community tour aimed at raising awareness against the menace, Abigail Dorbor, the Regional director of Campaigners for Change International said the best and effective way to discourage the high crime rate across the country is to rehabilitate the disadvantaged youth and provide them with basic skills.

Ms. Dorbor revealed plan by her organization in ensuring that disadvantaged youth are rehabilitated as well as providing vocational training for them.

“Our project is intended to teach them vocationally, so at the end of this program, we will teach them soap making, baking as well as rehabilitating them for the better.”

Also speaking, Cross Tamba, an official of the Center for the exchange of intellectual Opinions called for the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) to be scrutinized properly as some officers are involved with the use of illicit drugs in the community.

He alleged that on several occasions, he has seen LDEA officers themselves taking in drugs in his Community.

“The LDEA is one of the entities that is encouraging high level of drugs in this Country. So, to stop the issue of drugs, there is a need to deal with the entity that is encouraging people to take drugs” he said.

Also speaking, another campaigner, Sekou Freeman stressed the need for legislation of tougher anti-drug law and called for the name “Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency to be changed to ‘Anti-Drug Enforcement Agency’.

“We need to put out stronger laws. I did a research of recent and there is nothing called Drugs Enforcement Agency, but instead, they are called Anti -drugs Enforcement Agency. So, there is a need we change the entity,” Freeman stated.