Breaking News: Following Release of Reports on ‘Missing Billions’, CBL Official Found ‘Mysteriously Dead’ in Alleged Hit-&-Run Incident

The late Mr. Matthew J. Innis

MonroviaFrontPageAfrica has learnt of the somewhat “mysterious death” of a Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) senior official, Mr. Matthew J. Innis, who was Deputy Director for Micro-finance in the Regulation and Supervision Department. According to family sources, Mr. Innis died “mysteriously” on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Report by Alaskai Moore Johnson, [email protected]

They said he had left his home on Saturday morning telling his daughter and other family members that he was going to work, which was not a regular Saturday routine for him.

And when they didn’t hear from him for nearly the whole day, they tried to reach him via his mobile phone by 4 pm and couldn’t get him and never heard from him again until they heard that he had been involved in an alleged hit-and-run accident by 2 a.m. Sunday in his neighborhood around the 72nd Junction on the Somalia Drive.

A family member source: “By 2 a.m., we only heard a group of young men banging on our gate saying that the pappy had been hit by a car and his body is on the road. Before we got to the road, his body has been removed. We were told that the police had taken him to Stryker Funeral Home and the police was driving his car.”

This family source maintained that they don’t believe that Innis was involved in a hit-&-run accident but that he might have been murdered and his body dumped near where he lived. “In fact, Mr. Innis never stayed out that late. He was always home very early in the evening from work. He never stayed out up to 11 pm. His phone never goes off. But his daughter tried all throughout and his phone was continually off,” this family source added, insisting that Mr. Innis might had been murdered.

Mr. Innis’ “mysterious death” follows the immediate release of two damning reports about shady deals at the Central Bank of Liberia, which billions of Liberian dollars are unaccounted for, according to the reports. At least five persons, including the immediate past former Executive Governor of the Bank, Mr. Milton Weeks and the present Deputy Executive Governor for Operations, Mr. Charles Sirleaf, were picked up over the weekend by the Liberia National Police. Mr. Sirleaf is son of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who some believe seriously played a role in bringing the present Liberian government into power.

FrontPageAfrica rang the phone of the Police spokesperson Moses Carter but he didn’t answer neither did he return the call. More details to follow…