B-4 International Incorporated Promises to Boost Liberia’s Entertainment Industry


MONROVIA – As part of efforts to boost Liberia’s entertainment industry, the Chief Executive Officer of B-4 International Incorporated William S. Folley has launched an initiative to train over 1000 Liberians in the entertainment industry.

The Chief Executive Officer of B-4 International Incorporated, a Liberian based in the United States of America is in the country after years of being in exile to promote the entertainment industry that has long been stagnated for years.

Speaking to journalists at his office on Front Street in Monrovia, Folley said his organization; the B-4 International Incorporated, will also work with the Liberian Movie Union and provide equipment for movie groups to ensure what he terms as good production.

“We have to give attraction to the industry, that is to bring in equipment that can help record movies from post-production from finishing of the production,” Chief Executive Officer of B-4 International Incorporated said.

He added: “We are not going to give our equipment to the movie union. What we are going to do is to help the movie union by putting in a policy where we have to talk to movie groups around the country.”

According to Folley, one will have to be a registered member of the Liberian Movie Union and be on a regular due payment in order to use the B-4 International Incorporated’s equipment.

“That will be the prerequisite for us to help movie groups and after that we are going to look at the storyline, the story that they have, we are going to review the story and see how it makes sense for the general public and if it meets international standards,” he said.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of B-4 International Incorporated CEO, his team has carried out lots of assessments and they have found a lot of lapses in the entertainment industry.

Folley added: “There are lots of movie groups around the country and there are lapses on how they go about doing their movie recording. So, in that case B-4 International Incorporated is going to partner with those movie groups and see how we can regulate that aspect of doing movies.”

 “We have already done our assessment. We are not going to help movie groups financially but with the technical know-how,” he said.

Folley added: “People just take their cell phone camera and record a movie with poor quality. So, B-4 International Incorporated wants to see how we can regulate such activities. B-4 International will work with the Liberian Movie Union to achieve that goal.”

With the state of the art equipment, he said his organization will make sure to have the movie done from start to end including mass production.

Also, Folley disclosed that his organization has planned to decentralize his institution to five counties and have sourced funding to build two cinemas in Buchanan City and Ganta City, both in Grand Bassa and Nimba Counties as part of their long-term plans.

“The funding for two of our locations has already been secured, B-4 International Incorporated,” the CEO of B-4 International Incorporated said.