Ailing Liberian Medical Practitioner Appeals for Help

Amos Konah, 41, has been living with this medical condition the past 22 years

Virginia – Amos Konah, 41, is a father of five (5) children who has been out of job for nearly a decade as a result of his ailing health condition.

His children are between the ages of 17 to six (6) months respectively.

He is a medical practitioner and a resident of the Mango Town Community in the Township of Virginia, outside Monrovia.

In 1997, Konah paid a visit to the residence of his oldest sister, unknowingly that he would be compelled to live with an ailing situation for several years.

“Iron struck into my eyes when I went to visit my sister. The place was dark and I didn’t see the iron on the door. Few days later, the eyeball started coming out of the socket,” he stated. 

“I took some medication, but it didn’t stop. In 1999 I did operation, and the doctor at Snapper Hill clinic extracted the eye from the socket. I was managing with one eye, but later the socket started hurting,” he added.  

Medical Attention Sought

As time went by, Konah began to experience the removal of his right eyeball from its socket just few weeks after his ordeal.

The administering of medicines of different kinds did not ease the pains, he said. 

Following a successful operation, Konah again experienced severe pains underneath the upper layer of the socket, from which his eye was extracted.

He managed to live with the condition for a while, but the severity of the pain caused by the enlargement of the eye socket became unbearable.

The victim recently concluded another surgery with Operation International, but his condition remains the same.

Bullying and Abandonment 

Konah continues to experience numerous constraints as a result of his ailing health condition.

He told FrontPageAfrica on Thursday, October 31, that he is “embarrassed” as a result of his current condition, and is a “laughing stock” in the community.

“It has been affecting my life greatly, because since I developed this, I don’t have anything to do. I can be embarrassed,” Konah said.

He says many family members and friends have abandoned him as a result of his ailing condition.

His wife is a volunteer teacher at the Mango Town Public School. His family depends on good will gesture of others to provide daily necessities for their children.

The ailing Liberian medical practitioner has been unable to get employ as a result of his condition.

He previously operated a mini drug store, and worked at a clinic in the township.

The ailing Liberian medical practitioner wants President George Manneh Weah, Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor and others to come to his aid.

He claimed that for too long, the situation has bothered and forced him to remain in door for a protracted period of time, and as such, medical assistance must be accorded him to “get back” on his feet.