Liberia: iCampus Ends Musical Competition on Electoral Reform


Monrovia – Luther Jeke, Manager of iCampus says electoral reform is not possible without women inclusion in politics.

He spoke at the final of Rap2Rep, a musical competition, aimed at allowing young Liberian musicians do “conscious” music.

“We all can say that there is a need to have more women in the electoral reform; we want to have more women leading the country. We think women can do better,”

The competition is held once a year and 70 contestants were auditioned in the first round and five reached the grand finale.

In the first edition, 112 persons participated under the theme “Quality education’” while this year’s is held under “Electoral Reforms” theme.

Jeke said more women participation in politics will bring massive reform to the country.

“The competition is to see how we can get more women participating in the election and we are excited that young artists are coming to audition and sing conscious music,” said Jeke.

Stella Okai, one of the three female finalists, won the competition.

She thanked iCampus and partners, adding that she will use her success to advocate for the rights of women through music.

There were three judges: Rickslyn Myers, Zubin Cooper and Beat Master who decided the winner along with a decision from the audience.

Cooper, who the head judge, said selecting the winner was not a difficult decision because Okai displayed her talents.

Each of the contestants worked in the studio and was mentored by popular artists including Lady Skeet, Amaze, JB Soulfresh, and CIC.

The winner, according to Cooper, was selected on several criteria namely: talent, stage appearance, lyrics and craft, the judge’s opinion and the audience.