4Kids Country Representative Jmichael Kumeh Requests United States State Department To Evacuate Americans from Liberia

File photo- JMichael Kumeh, and H.E. Mike Pence, United States Vice President

MONROVIA – 4Kids Country Representative JMichael Kumeh, presently visiting Liberia has called on US Military Aircraft dispatched to pick up Americans stranded by airline shortage due to the pandemic, to add Americans in Liberia on the list of their airlifting.

Speaking during an interview, the Country Representative of 4Kids International, JMichael Kumeh, who arrived in Liberia two weeks ago expressed concern about many of those Americans, who are trying to get home are upset as other countries quickly moved to evacuate their citizens. 

According to JMichael Kumeh, if the US Military can send C-130’s to both Morocco and Peru and AC-17 to Honduras to pick-up the US women’s football team, it should also consider Americans stranded in Liberia as many are faced with the uncertainty of returning home.

4Kids Country Representative,  JMichael Kumeh,  said he wants to use this medium to ask the State Department to get Americans out.