37 Liberians Complete Specialized Doctor of Pharmacy Training at University of Benin

Liberian Pharmacists who recently graduated from the University of Benin in Nigeria

Nigeria – 37 Liberian Pharmacists have completed a specialized Doctor of Pharmacy training program from the University of Benin, one of the top ten universities in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The program was organized by the University of Benin in collaboration with the Nigerian Association of Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists in the Americas, and the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria. 

The 37 Liberian Pharmacists are from various hospitals, the School of Pharmacy, University of Liberia, the Liberia Medicines & Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA), the Pharmacy Board of Liberia and the Ministry of Health.

A release quotes the head of Medicines Information at the Liberia Medicines & Health Products Regulatory Authority, Dr. Juwe D. Kercula as saying, the program was aimed at upgrading the skills of practicing Pharmacists with considerable years of practical experiences.

Dr. Kercula said the program brought together 235 Pharmacists from Liberia, Sierra Leone, The Gambia and host country, Nigeria with thirty seven of them coming from Liberia. ‘It is expected that the trained Pharmaceutical  Doctors will work to design strategies that would curb the numerous problems confronting the country’s health system, ranging from increasing drug peddlers roaming the streets and communities to the abuse of drug usage leading to the global threat of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), amongst others’ Dr, Kercula stressed. 

The head of Medicines Information at the LMHRA categorized the competence and expertise of these graduates into clinical practice that is Patient-centered Care at both hospitals and community pharmacy practice and research focus. 

‘These trained Pharmacists are now equipped to ensure that pharmaceutical products deliver the maximum therapeutic outcomes for the patients and the processes leading to these outcomes’ Dr, Kercula explained. 

For his part, the Registrar General at the Pharmacy Board of Liberia, Dr. Menmon P. Z. Dunah, assured  that the public should expect highest standards in pharmacy practice in Liberia. 

Dr. Dunah said that the Doctor of Pharmacy program will institute new measures to ensure that patient-center cares are provided by all Pharmacists which he will approve their licenses to practice in Liberia. 

Also speaking, the  Dean of the School of Pharmacy at the University of Liberia, Dr. Ezekiel F. Hallie, who is a British trained Pharmacist, also revealed that the School of Pharmacy has begun the process of rolling out the PharmD program at the institution now that they have equipped staff to teach the curriculum for PharmD.

 He also used the occasion to call on the government of Liberia and partners to provide the needed support for the smooth implementation of the PharmD Program. 

The Liberian Pharmacists who recently completed the specialized Doctor of Pharmacy training in Nigeria are; Juwe D. Kercula, Ezekiel Fayiah Hallie, Archibald O. Kromah, Sumo Y. Mulbah, Joseph N.B. Jimmy, Macdarius Godu, J. Nathaniel B. Woart, Plenseh D. Paye, Joshua T. Peters, Bockarie F. Sakilla,  Josiah Hne Di Brownell, Nathaniel Borley Comehn, and David Sumo. Others are, James D.K. Goteh, Thomas B.L. Kokulo,  Margaret T. Massaquoi, Jonathan J. Luciny, F. Kwe-A-Kpeh Dolo, Nuku Williams, Flomoku Miller, Jackson O. Messan, Thomas Young, Jimmy N. Karmo, Menmon  P.Z. Dunah,  Jefferson Piah Harris, Paye L. P. Torgon, Emmanuel V Lansana, Christolyn  Davies Chezoba, Bontor  Quetee, David  G. Lymas, Munyah  M. Karvah, Ambrose  D. Fatoma, Sumo  K. Maiwo, Akoi  Bazzie, Beyan G. Zayzay, Colnoe  B. Forkay, and Esau  Davies.

Some of the graduates who spoke to reporters disclosed that the program was self-sponsored but  called on Government through the Ministry of Health to make use of their expertise and ensure that they are provided conducive working environment which includes incentives.  “We believe that developing human resource in all areas of the health sectors, including Pharmacists, Physicians, Nurses, is the best way of improving our health system” some of the trained pharmacists lamented. 

They said it is about time that policy makers ensure that the expertise of these professionals is fully utilized to meet the optimum goal of Government especially in the health sector..

It can be recalled that two years ago, the government of Liberia and partners provided over 20 scholarships for physicians to go for specialized studies around Africa.