30 Years Later, Sharing The Lessons From Liberia’s Civil War


Monrovia – Liberia’s rising advocate and civil war survivor, Tamba Aghailas, has launched his new book, In Pursuit of Liberty: The Amazing Journey of a Liberian Refugee. 

As he writes in the book’s prologue, when he first considered writing a book about his wartime experiences in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, “I was still toiling inthe forest region of the Republic of Guinea [Conakry]. I had spent a decade there experiencing the trials and triumphs faced by those like myself, who had lost everything. Over the years, I would write as these memories returned to me and then put aside the project again for several months as I focused on work and life in my newfound home of New York City,” where he attended college. 

Tamba, who is the founder of The Voice of Liberia and a contributing columnist of FrontPageAfrica, he has dedicated his life to advocacy for refugees and disenfranchised citizens of Africa. He has written extensively on his country’s history and has dedicated his life to public service.

The book serves as a reminder of the Liberian Civil War, which was launched on December 24, 1989. It is a story of a “young Liberian refugee and his family, uprooted by a civil war in their native country that had pitted more than a dozen warring factions against each other in their quest to capture territories and control the nation’s natural resources. It details his search for the true meaning of liberty.” 

The book also shares lessons of war and of leadership, while narrating examples of Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela. “The lessons these [great] leaders teach us span centuries and generations and still remain relevant today.” The two men…, “from different regions of the world and different eras, have a wonderfully similar story: they both led their people to overcome adversity in challenging times when their respective nations were imploding.

History teaches that when Lincoln was caught in the middle of America’s Civil War, between 1861 and 1865, he both knew his limitations and yet had a vision of what he wanted to accomplish – to end the war and hold the Union together. With a cause and a purpose, he provided the leadership needed at the time and realized his vision. And today the union of the United States of America remains as strong as ever.  As for Mandela, he prevented the outbreak of an all-out civil war in South Africa despite being jailed for 27 years. That’s the kind of fortitude that I would like to see in my leader.”

“In Pursuit of Liberty” chronicles one man’s amazing journey of trials and triumph over adversity. It is a true story of survival with its moments of joy, heroism, sadness, and hopes for the future. This Amazing Journey of a Liberian Refugee will make you laugh out loud and shed a tear reading this true story. 

The book is currently available online on Amazon.com and on Kindle. Order your copy today. Book signing events will be announced. 

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