Visually Impaired Man Dragged to Court for Alleged Rape


Monrovia- A visually impaired man accused of rape has been forwarded to court for prosecution following police investigation.

Report by Kennedy L. Yangian, [email protected]

Defendant Joseph Martin, 39, was formally charged with statutory rape on Tuesday, April 10, by the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice in violation of Section 14.70 of the New Penal Law of the Republic of Liberia.

Police had initially charged defendant Martin with rape based on complaint filed by the victim’s father that he had taken the girl away to his home where she slept for two nights at which time she was allegedly raped by the defendant as proven by a medical report.

According to the police, the father of the girl explained that after she left the house and slept out for two nights when she returned and was questioned about where she slept she identified the home of Martin.

Police further stated that the man and his daughter went to Martin’s place and he (Martin) admitted that the girl slept at his home for two days and stole his US$30 and was in search of her. He, however, denied raping the 14-yr-old girl.

According to the police, based on the defendant’s admission and coupled with other pieces of evidence from the crime scene, they resolved to charge the defendant for allegedly raping the 14-year-old girl.

“On the 1st and 2nd day of April in the City of Paynesville, the defendant with wicked intent grabbed the 14-year-old minor, a daughter of the private prosecutor, and sexually abused her for the period of two days causing the child to suffer injuries and pains,” said the writ of arrest issued by the Monrovia City Court.

Sitting on the prisoner bench at the Monrovia City Court, Tuesday, April 10th, Martin, who claimed to be a money exchanger from the Suacomore Community on the Samuel Kanyon Doe Boulevard told reporters that the allegation levied against him was not true.

The visually impaired man further stated that he sells in front of an entertainment center called the “Liberian Girl,” located in the 72nd Community, Samuel K. Doe Boulevard.

On a Sunday (date not disclosed) around 10 p.m. while trying to park his goods, he saw this girl crying near his box.

According to him when he inquired from the girl why she was crying, she replied that her aunt drove her out of the house and he also inquired from her where she was living she replied that she lives in Red-light community.

“Because of the time, we came to agreement that I should take her to my house to sleep and in the morning I will ask her to go home,” Martin explained.

Martin, dressed in a blue and green lappa shirt with khaki trouser, was later ordered detain at the Monrovia Central Prison pending prosecution alongside another alleged rapist also identified as Junior Zohn, a resident of Benson Street, who is also accused of raping another 14-year-old girl.

Both men were sent to jail. Family members of the visually impaired man wept bitterly over the fate of their relative, who stands the risks of conviction for up to 15 years if found guilty.