US-Based Liberian Clergyman Rallies Citizens’ Support For Weah’s Administration


Monrovia – A Liberian clergyman based in the United States, Sheikh Abubakar Sheriff, has expressed optimism over Liberia’s progress under the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led administration.

Report by Gerald C. Koinyeneh, [email protected]

Speaking on wide range of issues of national concern upon his arrival from the United States, Sheikh Sheriff noted that despite the prevailing economic situation, the programs initiated by President George M. Weah are in the right trajectory and called on all Liberians to rally around the President for the successful implementation.

Sheikh Sheriff is the Imam of one of the largest West African Islamic community in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

He disclosed that he is on an assessment gathering fact on the business climate of the country with the intent of encouraging potential investors in the United States to invest in Liberia.

Speaking further, he noted that it has been deep misconception about Liberia in the wake of the Ebola pandemic and the widespread reported corruption.

He called on the Weah-led administration to step up the fight against corruption and strengthen the rule of law and improve security.

This he believes when done will attract investors into the country and boost economic growth.

“The old enemy of Liberia is corruption. They still need to work hard to minimize it and promote the rule of law. They must work hard to convince people that when they invest in this country their business will be protected. Government workers need to do better when it comes to encouraging investors and be welcoming. People should be happy to receive investors,” he said.

Dual Citizenship

On dual citizenship, the clergyman asserted that it has both pros and cons and needed the full participation of every Liberian.

He suggests that President Weah sets up a special committee to carefully study the issue and if the need arises called for a general referendum.

Speaking further, he said one objective of his trip is to work out plans to reopen the Liberia Education Complex, an all-boys school that he once operated before the civil war.

“My contribution has been running the Liberia Education Complex. That’s one of the reasons I am here for. I am here to restart school of such again. I called on all Liberia, regardless of religion and tribe to be united. Because unity is vital to any development process of a civilized nation,” he averred.