UP USA-Canada Chapters Donate Materials to VP Presidential Bid


Monrovia – Unity Party USA and Canada Chapters have donated hundred bags of American parboiled rice and twenty laptop computers in support of Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai presidential bid in the upcoming 2017 presidential and legislative elections.

Report by Augustine T. Tweh – [email protected] 

The donation program took place on Monday August 21, 2017 at the Unity Party’s National Headquarters in Congo Town, Montserrado County.

Speaking at the program, the Vice Chairman of the Unity Party (UP) USA and Canada Chapters, Erasmus Williams said the donation of the items is part of the Unity Party partisans in Diaspora contribution in support of ambassador Boakai presidency, cautioning the youthful population of Liberia not to gamble their future into the hands of political hustlers.

“I don’t have to be motivated by somebody giving me cash or budget to do something. This is our future, if you sit down and imagine a one day presidency of CDC, just imagine, just picture it in your head, one day presidency what it will means to all of us, then you will know that our future is at stake,” he said.

Williams noted that the Unity Party’s Diaspora partisans in the USA and Canada have decided to embark on a gorilla effort targeted at winning the minds of CDCians, emphasizing that Coalition of Democratic Change does not have the leadership ability to lead Liberia in this 21st Century.

“ For the young people that are here today, like I said during the jamboree, this election is about us, this election is personal, when you go to bed think about it, dream about it, I want you to wake up motivated irrespective of anybody giving you any fund of cash to motivate you,” he added.

He also added that Boakai presidency is the future of every Liberians in irrespective of tribes, religions, color, affiliation and creed, urging every Liberians to fight for the presidency of Liberia for the betterment of every citizen.

“Do everything you can to win every vote in your house, in your community, mobilize, because a Boakai presidency is the he Boakai presidency is the future of all of us. We must grab it, we must fight for it, we must win it, and we must be thirst for it in order for us to get it. If you strengthen the need for a Boakai presidency, when you go out there you will feel that strong sense of ownership when the president elects get inaugurated,” he averred.

The Vice Chairman of the USA and Canada Chapters of the Unity Party encourage partisans not to be complacent, but rather capitalized on every mistakes of their opposition to bring victory to the party (UP), asserting that Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai and J. Emmanuel Nuguay’s have the astute leadership to lead Liberia.

“Ambassador Boakai is somebody who brings a true sense of identity to Liberia. Now, for most of us in the Diasporas, we understand what governance is, and what leadership is, and we know what it means to lead a country and the structures required, the discipline required and the wisdom required. Unfortunately, it is not in our most visible opponent at this time, who is Ambassador Weah,” he noted.

He said Ambassador Weah does not have the ability to lead Liberia, because Liberians are thirsty and eager for development and as such Liberians cannot compromise such development for friendship and any other thing, affirming that Ambassador Boakai brings a unique set of skills to the table to lay the frame work of the country.

“When you go to Ivory Coast and see the roads and come back to your country, you get confronted. With that comparison, it creates a deep sense of anger in you and that what our brothers are frustrated about, but not because of our frustration we should hang our country over to somebody who does not even understand governance,” he asserted.

For his part, the Campaign Manager of the Unity Party, Augustine K. Ngafun expressed thanks and gratitude to the Diaspora partisans of the Unity Party for their contribution to the presidential bid of Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai.

“Comrade Erasmus Williams is a person who is strong when it comes to his commitment. He has been part of this process for ages, so when you talked about UP USA, there are few names that defined UP USA. One of those names that have gone in history is comrade Erasmus Williams,” he said.