Two Nabbed in Margibi County For Attempted Human Trafficking


Kakata, Margibi County – Police authorities in Kakata, Margibi County have charged two men with criminal attempts to commit human trafficking based on complaint filed against them  by Margibi County electoral district number three Representative Stephen S. Kafi.

55-year-old Suspect John Flomo and his accomplice, Harris K. Martin believed to be in his 70’s on Thursday, August 24, 2017, according to a complaint filed against them by Representative Stephen S. Kafi, alleges that while he was seated at his residence during the afternoon hours, he saw suspect Martin K. Harris walked to him and told him that he wanted to discuss with him in private.

Representative Kafi revealed to the Police that when suspect Martin requested a private discussion with him, he stood up and walked with the suspect to the side of his house where suspect Martin called on John Flomo, who he introduced as his friend, and then said he had a human being for sale to Rep. Kafi.

The Margibi County lawmaker narrated that he immediately phoned the general Police Superintendent of the Margibi County Department and reported the matter.

Before the Police arrived, Suspect Harris K. Martin fled the scene leaving behind his accomplice suspect John Flomo, a resident of Division 22 of Firestone who was arrested by the Police.

Suspect Harris K. Martin was however apprehended afterward, on August 26, 2017, after a massive manhunt throughout the county.

The two suspects (John Flomo and Harris K. Martin) after undergoing preliminary probe and were charged in consonance with chapter 10, section 10.1 of the revised penal code of the Republic of Liberia with criminal attempt to commit human trafficking based on evidence gathered against them.

During the Crime Services Division (CSD) investigation suspect Harris K. Martin in his voluntary statement admitted to going along with his colleague John Flomo to Representative Stephen S. Kafi’s residence.

For his part, Suspect John Flomo told investigators that he works with Firestone as a tapper, stating that he had come to Kakata after receiving a phone call from his daughter who was ill at a local health center in Kakata due to shortage of blood.

He said while walking on the main streets of Kakata, he came across Harris K. Martin, his old friend.

He disclosed that Harris K. Martin asked to pay a visit to his (John Flomo’s) house.

While they were walking to Martin Harris house, he alleged that Harris asked hey that stop bye at Representative Kafi house.

He furthered that when they reached the Lawmaker’s house, Harris K. Martin told him to wait by the car infront of the house while Harris went to the back of the yard.

Suspect John Flomo explained further that within no time, he then saw Rep. Kafi and Harris standing by the house.

He said Rep. Stephen S. Kafi called him (John Flomo) to affirm what Harris has just told him and asked if he was aware of the plan.

John Flomo revealed that it was at that point when Rep Kafi got angry and phoned the Police on the matter.

Report by Yawah Jaivey, FPA Contributor