Scholarship Beneficiaries Promise Not To Disappoint Benefactor


Monrovia – The head of Friends of Calvin A. Diggs Scholarship Foundation at the Liberia Corporative Standard School System (LICOSESS) Joseph V. Andrew has promised that he and his colleagues will not misuse the opportunity being provided by Calvin Diggs, saying it will prepare them for future challenges in the educational sector.

LICOSESS is a two year teacher training school and it provides an Associate Degree in Teacher Education such as School Administration, General Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Language Arts and General Education or C certificate 

Andrew revealed that they are 19 who are currently benefiting from the scholarship, adding that they know the importance of the scholarship and vowed to score the needed GPA to maintain the scholarship.

“Today, I am pleased to say thank you plenty and plenty to Mr. Diggs and his family for this unique educational opportunity he continued to provide for us which I can say here that it would really benefit not only us that are now on this scholarship but also the young generation to come.”

The student mentioned that Mr. Diggs’ kindness and generosity toward humanity is not because he has declared his intention to run for the Representative seat of District #10 Montserrado County, but because he desires to see progress in every man’s life and as such his intention to run for the Representative seat is an important step forward for the district and its citizens because they believe he will help to move his people forward better than those who they have already voted into office but they have forgotten them.

“We are with Mr. Diggs’ idea to represent us in the House of Representatives because we are of the confidence that he is going to provide several development opportunities for us as citizens of this district in the area of education, health and security so we are 99% in support of his intention to represent us in the parliament and we promise never to let him down”, he said.     

Another beneficiary of the scholarship, Angie K. Nagbe, paid respect to Mr. Diggs and his family and described the opportunity provided as a milestone in their learning process because they have been wishing to get such an opportunity in order for them to increase their teaching knowledge.

Said Nagbe: “Those of us that are now benefiting from this scholarship will forever remain grateful to Mr. Diggs and family because if it was not through his support we were not going to be where we are now in our learning process and I promised not to only give my vote to him in the 2017 elections but to also convince hundreds of my friends to also cast their votes for him because he is truly a humanitarian.”   

The Coordinator of the Old Road branch of LICOSESS described the performances of the scholarship recipients as excellent and called on them to maintain their high grade points if they wish to be counted amongst the best teachers in the teaching field.

 “I am pleased to say thank you to Mr. Diggs for this important process he has provided for our children who are serious to become professionals in the teaching field and I hope and pray that others will follow his good example.” Rev. Gibson Tarr said.