Police, Family Remain Tight-Lipped on The Grosses Deaths


Monrovia – Family members are tight-lipped, the Police are holding on to facts and speculations are going wild. Doubts are mounting over the Carbon monoxide inhalation story as new revelations keep popping up.

Report by Lennart Dodoo – [email protected]

While a Police source informed FrontPage Africa that preliminary investigation points to inhalation of the toxic fumes which was a result of smoke from their generator placed in the garage near the house, other sources close to the family strongly believe the couple was poisoned.

FrontPageAfrica also gathered from sources close to the deceased family that on the night prior to their demise, both Lawrence and Shelly Gross visited Lawrence bother’s (name withheld) home where they dined.

It is believed that the couple was poisoned at that dinner.

Our source further told FrontPage Africa that Lawrence’s brother owed the couple US$40,000 for business he had transacted for them in Liberia.

The couple was discovered dead on December 25 – the day that marked their fifth anniversary.

They arrived in Liberia from the United States on December 23 to reconnect with families, celebrate their wedding anniversary and check on their businesses in Liberia.

“Both Shelley and Lawrence were discovered dead with foams coming from their mouth – that could not be the effect of carbon monoxide.

Besides, there were eight persons in the house, how come the carbon monoxide killed only Shelley and her husband? I don’t want to undermine the Police investigation, but I can tell you that something went wrong somewhere,” the source said.

When contacted for update on the investigation on Thursday, Police Spokesman Sam Collins said he could not speak to FrontPage Africa exclusively as the Police was preparing a press release to issue to the media later Thursday evening.

However, the Police did not issue the release up to press time, the evening hours of Thursday.

Mr. Bernard Kumeh – a long-time friend of Mr. Gross who came along from Canada to join in the wedding anniversary celebration told FrontPage Africa via cellphone:

“I refuse to accept the death so I’ve not even had the courage to reach to the house to find out what happened. By this time Lawrence and I should be together right now.  We even planned to hang out together last night.

We all planned this trip—just to come and have fun because they came to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

We were supposed to go Cape Mount next week to have a feast – I think for his mother – he hasn’t cleared his things.

He came with his own shipment. He brought his own drinks. I think he planned on clearing them on Tuesday. He came with a plan.

He even brought a PA system for the SDA Church in Logan Town.”

Meanwhile, FrontPageAfrica has gathered that a Nigerian Pathologist has been invited to conduct post mortem on the bodies Friday, December 30, 2016 at St. Moses Funeral Parlor on the Somalia Drive. 

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