Police Charge Businessman With Assault, Terrorist Threat in Liberia


Monrovia – The Liberia National Police has charged businessman Aries Dean for assault, terrorist threat, and disorderly conduct against another businessman, Maxim Blaise.

Dean, according to a complaint from Blaise, threatened to harm him whenever he sees him at any public facility or gathering.

Blaise said he went at a hotel to have lunch and while at the restaurant, Dean spotted him and immediately punched him in the face and he (Blaise) fell to the ground.

The complainant told investigators that when the act was committed, he fell flat on his face and Dean escaped the scene.

Police investigation furthered that during the incident, Dean alleged that the victim killed his brother (Franco) and fraudulently withdrew US$300,000.00 from his personal saving accounts at the International Bank in 2006 and fled the country.

Dean, according to the Police, tactically admitted to the commission of the crimes and said he was carrying out a citizens arrest and Blaise resisted so in an attempt to subdue the victim, he punched him in the face thus causing Blaise to fall on the floor.

Police findings revealed that the victim and defendant were friends 10 years ago prior to their separation.

The act by Dean is in violation of Chapter 14, subchapter (B) section 14.21, chapter 14, subchapter (B) section 14.24 and chapter 17, section 17.3 of the revised penal law, according to the police charge sheet.