New Police Chief Calls on Public to Report Corrupt Police Officer


Monrovia – The Inspector General of the Liberia National Police Col. Patrick Sudue says the new administration of the Police will not condone any act of corruption by any officer.

Report by J.H. Webster Clayeh – [email protected]

The new Police Inspector General made the remark during the first press briefing of the CDC-led government at the Ministry of Information Culture Tourism on Thursday, March 8. 

Giving his first 100 days work plan, Col. Sudue called on the public to report any act of corruption exhibited by any member of the Police. 

“If we will not eradicate corruption in totality, we intent to reduce corruption in the Liberian National Police.”

“I am calling on the public to please assist the Police with their gadgets to recall any act of corruption that will be demonstrated by officers that are on their beats.”

“Trust me, if we get such evidence from the public you can rest assure we will take immediate action.” 

According to Col. Sudue, whether traffic control officers or foot patrol officers, officers who will be assigned on the various streets will be monitored on a 24-hour basic.

Col. Sudue added that any officers caught in the act of soliciting bribe from citizens, whom he says have been victimized will face the full weight of the law. 

“If you are at the charge of quarters and the officer ask you to give him or her cash before they go on your case please do everything possible to inform the Police authority while you are at the station and that officers will be recalled and we will turn such officer over to the professional standard division which of course will take the necessary action if the officer is found liable,” he said.  

Also, the Inspector General said his administration will ensure have the visibility of Police officers in every part of the city to help deter would-be criminals. 

“The Police visibility will be put into place to curtail the issue of jerking of phones, bags and other petty crimes that occur around the city center during the day,” the Police IG says. 

“We will also put into place a busy patrol at night to curtail armed robberies.