NEC Official Says Elections Were Conducted in Line With International Best Practice


Monrovia – The National Elections Commission (NEC) Tuesday submitted the Final Registration Roll to lawyers representing the Unity Party, co-complainant in the case Charles Walker Brumskine and Harrison Karnwea Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates of the Liberty Party versus the National Elections Commission.

Report by Henry karmo [email protected]

UP lawyers requested the Hearing Officer to allot them two hours to review and point out flaws in the document presented on a pen drive but failed as they requested more time to review the document containing over 2.1 million names.

The elections body also brought forward Mr. Lamin Lighe, Executive Director of NEC, to testify in the case in keeping with the UP lawyers’ subpoena request.

In Lighe’s testimonies, he produced samples of candidates ballots for Presidential and Representatives.

Serial numbers and security features on the two ballot papers have been a major contention for the protesting party (LP, UP). At some point in the hearing, Unity Party alleged that serial numbers were on some ballot papers while others were without serial numbers.

In response to concerns about serial number, Lighe told lawyers of the two parties that serial numbers were on the original ballot paper but not on the detached component of the ballot while the stump carried the serial numbers.

He was made to provide sample of the original stump with serial numbers which he did.