Monitoring Group to Expose Bad Politicians Ahead of 2017 Elections


Monrovia – A community-based group has pledged to expose what it terms as ‘bad politicians’ during the 2017 presidential and legislative elections.

Report by Willie N. Tokpah – [email protected]

The election is crucial in putting Liberia on the right trajectory, and the group says when proper control mechanism is put in place there will be a secure and conducive atmosphere for the conduct of the pending elections.

Security will be cardinal in these elections, considering that the country’s security strength is arguably inadequate, and the Community Watch Forum of Liberia has committed to helping national security apparatus across the country to ensure the holding of peaceful elections.

The group says 10,000 of its members will work along with state security during the 2017 electoral process.

The Watch Forum National Chairman, Nyenati Kaffey, Sr. told FrontPageAfrica that due to the crucial nature of the election, the group has outlined three strategic plans to help monitor the Liberian elections as a means of avoiding electoral malpractices.

Kaffey named early warning and early response, monitoring the trucking of voters and monitoring measures to prevent ritualistic killings.

“Now the only remedy to curtail crime in Liberia is community policing initiative through monitoring and reporting to national security,” Kaffey claimed.

“What we are involved with for this 2017 election is called Pre, and Post-election violence monitoring.”

“We are sending out caveat to those involve involved [with] encouraging youth to carry out violence that [they] will be exposed.”

The watch forum says it also intends to help avoid fraud during the pending election.

He expressed determination to expose politicians intending to truck voters from other locations outside their constituencies in order to win legislative elections.

“In 2017 [elections], we will be monitoring the entire country and any candidate who will truck people from anywhere will be exposed.”

“Let it be clear that we are a part of the formal and informal justice system and if anyone thinks he or she will go traditionally or through the justice system, we will be there,” Kaffey stated.

Kaffey raised fear over series of unwholesome events in the country, pointing to some incidents in Bomi, Lofa and Montserrado Counties.

He believes politicians in Liberia are now using ritualistic activities to ascend to power rather than using their popularities and good relationship they have with their people.

“There are lots of activities happening now that is scaring and if we are not careful, we might not move during the night hours. Just within the period of six day, two bodies were found in Bomi County with parts extracted.

As I speak, my county chairman informed me this morning that another body had been found in Bensonville. 

In Foya, specifically the Vice President own home town, someone disappeared and had not been seen; only his T-Shirt was found,” he said.

Kaffey said most of these ritualistic activities are ongoing in the communities and that the watch forum will do all it can to resist the act.

At the same time, he expressed regret over the lack of correction centers in Liberia, noting that it helps facilitate the rehabilitation of disadvantaged youths.

The Community Watch Forum Chairman complained that these youth have now resurfaced on the streets of Monrovia due to the lack of skills that could help them become reintegrated into society.

 “It is very unfortunate that despite efforts by our police force to evacuate Zoogos from the street of Monrovia and its environs, government did not come in to find a remedy to where these zoogos will go and be transformed in becoming a good citizen.”

He wants the lives of these disadvantage youths be transformed through skill training, a process, he said will help them leave criminal activities.

He said this will ensure an environment free of violence and criminality for Liberians.

Meanwhile, Kaffey is calling on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to give support to the Community Watch Forum of Liberia to empower them address critical situations confronting various communities and citizens across Liberia.