‘Master Shelo’ Arrested by Liberian Police For Buying Voters Cards


Monrovia – The Liberia National Police has arrested a man believed to be in his 40s for allegedly purchasing voters registration cards, something the LNP says is a violation of the country’s elections law.

Report by Willie N. Tokpah[email protected]

The culprit, a popular heavy weight athlete only known as ‘Master Shelo’ was arrested at a voters registration center in the Red Light Community, Paynesville City after agents of political parties accused him of purchasing voting cards.

The VR center is in District Five, Montserrado County, and the Police say the arrest was made following a complaint by a political party representative assigned at the registration center in the Red Light community.

The LNP said he was caught with a mini-computer (tablet) which contained voters cards information.

The culprit, whose real name was not disclosed by LNP, was subsequently taken to the Zone #5 Police depot in the Red Light Market on Thursday, February 16 for questioning. 

According to the LNP, he refused to say who hired him to purchase the cards but sources have informed FrontPage Africa that ‘Master Shelo’ is allegedly a supporter a representative seeking re-election.

Police officers at both the Zone #5 Depot in Red Light and LNP Headquarters in Monrovia prevented journalists from taking a photo of the items, but Police spokesman Sam Collins later confirmed the information.

In a conversation with FPA, the LNP spokesman said the case is one out of many that have been tracked down by LNP. He said the Police take the allegation of purchasing voters card very serious.

“We have been having series of cases coming in since the commencement of this voter’s registration business.”

“We have so far forwarded to court six different persons and today, this case is coming from Paynesville Community, so we take the allegation very serious,” Collins said.

“In fact we have gone through the mobile phone of the individual arrested and we have seen some pictures of voter’s registration cards and one piece of the card was also caught with the individual, so we can confirm that one person was so-far arrested.”

The LNP Spokesman further stated that the Special Investigation Unit at the Liberia National Police is however conducting an investigation.

Col. Collins assured FrontPage Africa that the name of the man arrested will be given in subsequent time as well as name of the individual he works for.