Liberians Cautioned Against Doing Business With Illicit Electrician


Monrovia – The attention of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) has been drawn to the activities of unscrupulous individuals who are purporting as employees of the Corporation and engaging into acts not sanctioned by the LEC.

These individuals are in the habit of extorting money from residents in communities where LEC’s network has been expanded under the guise to have their structures mark for connection.

The LEC wishes to clarify that at no time authorized this act and that the public should be mindful of these imposter.

The public is advised not to do business with individuals involve in requesting money to perform services on behalf of the LEC. Payments of fees due the LEC are deposited at designated banks and not to individuals in the field.

The LEC considers this act as a major offense and warns individuals involve immediately desisting or risking arrest and prosecution in keeping with the laws of the Republic of Liberia.

The LEC is also troubled by reports that certain criminal elements are engage in demanding payments from customers, whose lines or installations develop faults or were disconnected due to theft. This act is also criminal in nature. Customers are encouraged to report all meter and meter related faults to our customers care office at the LEC Waterside office.

Only authorized LEC technicians are designated to climb light poles and service customers’ meters. Hiring unauthorized personnel to perform services on behalf of the LEC will lead to disconnection when discovered.

The Management of the LEC is appealing to the general public to please report any incident of power theft in their respective communities.