Liberian Women Group Donates Laundry Equipment to Medical Students


Monrovia – The Liberian United Women in Progress, a humanitarian women group based in the United States of America, has donated two turbo washer and dryer machines to students of the A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine in Monrovia.

The donation was done in the presence of the dean of the medical school, Dr. Z’ Sherman Adams Jr., his wife Kate Adams, and Weade Kobbah-Wureh, Vice President of the University of Liberia amongst others. 

Speaking Friday March 23 during the presentation, a founder of the organization, Edith Walters-Wilson, said after helping many Liberian girls and women in the United States of America, they have decided to contribute to other Liberians back home by providing scholarships to medical students. 

But having been informed by Professor Wreh that medical students do not pay tuition, the group then made donation of laundry equipment. 

“And when I took that back to the organization they dump to it,” Walters-Wilson said, who was also impressed to see the students’ self-sponsored and constructed laundry facility on the campus. 

“These machines you see in here are washers and dryers.”

“So, these are two in one. To our medical students these are your washers and dryers.” 

Speaking on behalf of the University of Liberia, Prof. Wreh praised the organization for the “timely donation,” adding it has urged the UL’s Administration to do more for the medical school. 

“For every time people get positively engage good thing happens,” she said.

“So, we will continue to engage the Liberian United Women in Progress, we will continue to engage other people, other friends that can be a help and not only for the medical school but for the University of Liberia.” 

Alexandra S. Magona, president of the medical students association, said they opted to help themselves solve their laundry hurdle by raising funds to build a laundry facility. 

“The Project has not yet finished as you can see, we are thinking about putting tiles here, so we can make it totally modernize,” Magona said. 

He also called on the UL administration and other well-meaning Liberian organizations to help the students. 

“… We looked forward to working with you people for the furtherance of strengthening our health sector and for us to reach our goals,” he said.