Liberian Police Drops Rape Charges Against Rep. Prince Moye


Monrovia – Following days of investigation into alleged rape case that also led to the imprisonment of the publisher of the Hot Pepper Newspaper, the Liberia Nation Police Women and Children Protection says there is no evidence to charge Rep. Prince Moye for rape.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson-Mbayo/ [email protected]

Rep.  Moye was accused of raping a 16-year-old girl on July 2014 through a complaint filed by Kumba Kollie who said the incident occurred in Boy’s Town Community along the Marshall Highway lower Margibi County.

An investigation, according to the police, was done in conjunction with the Margibi County Attorney and relevant agencies.

On October 8, 2016 Kollie told the police that during the Ebola epidemic in Liberia, her daughter got sick and she later realized that somebody had sexual intercourse with the minor.

She explained that after being told by her daughter that Moye had sexual intercourse with her, she informed her sister, Victoria McIntosh, and her husband Wendell McIntosh about the incident.

Madam Kollie narrated that she reported the case to the Liberia National Police because the alleged perpetrator, Rep. Moye’s refused to attend to the call of the Ambassador McIntosh to hear his side of the story.

The victim who was interviewed in the presence of her mother told police that she couldn’t remember the actual date and time, but while she was in their yard in the absence of her mother, a boy whose name she could not remember came to her and told her that Rep. Moye whom she had known for some time asked that she go to his house in the same community.

“I walked into his yard in the presence of other people and he offered me soft drinks and some fruits; but December 2014 when Christmas was approaching the same boy brought me US$20.00 for my Christmas and again two weeks after Christmas the boy came and said the honorable wanted to see me but I told him I was busy and will go later to McIntosh junction in Duazon Community,” the victim explained

According to the Police investigation, the victim said the same boy later came and both of them walked towards the junction but the boy stopped and directed her by pointing to a car that was awaiting her.

The victim explained that she walked to a small gray car that was parked and she saw Rep. Moye sitting alone in the car. According to her, he asked for her to enter the car for them to go for a ride.

She narrated that they drove inside Boy’s Town community along the Marshall highway and entered a fence where both of them enter the room and the alleged perpetrator had sexual intercourse.

The victim said after the intercourse, Rep. Moye dropped her off at the same junction she boarded the car.

“I didn’t tell anyone about the encounter with the Honorable until after two weeks I told my mother, but she did do anything because she said the man is a big man,” the victim stated.

The police said though the victim disclosed that the perpetrator communicated with her through cellphone but she couldn’t remember the number he called on.

At the same time her pone was seized by the principal of her school and was never returned.

The women and children protection said that the victim was taken to the C.H Rennie hospital along with her mother.

During the crime scene investigation, the police revealed that the victim identified Travelers’ Inn Hotel room #6 Schiefflin to be the alleged crime scene.

Anthony Bobby Sohn, a witness said he didn’t know as to whether the victim and the perpetrator were having love affairs, but indicated that he saw the victim with the perpetrator in his vehicle once.

Wendell McIntosh narrated that received the information upon which he tried to seek legal redress but family prevailed on him to summons the lawmaker as tradition.

“I got angry and decided to seek legal remedy in the case after my staff and driver heard honorable Moye on radio that I wanted to extort money from him. I then called Hott Pepper and onward to the rape court,” said McIntosh.

The medical report from the CH Rennie Hospital revealed that the victim was sexually active and had been having sex.

However, the police said findings from the Women and Children Protection Section of the RIA police depot were uncorroborated and inconsistent and could therefore not substantiate the allegation of rape against Rep. Moye.