Liberian Diplomat Languishing in Solitary confinement in US Prison


Monrovia – Dr. Malachi Z. York, a Liberian Diplomat, is said to be languishing in solitary confinement in a U.S. prison without any medical care accorded him, even though diagnoses show that he is suffering from complicated diseases, including hereditary angioedema.

In light of this finding and following a clarion call on the Liberian government to help free Dr. York from prison and subsequently vie for his unconditional repatriation to Liberia, hence he was a Liberian diplomat in Georgia, the law office of Ms. Victoria Broussard is calling on the U.S. justice system to allow her client freedom from imprisonment due to his (Dr. York) deteriorating health condition.

In her open and general communication to the U.S. justice system, Broussard claimed that bad prison conditions have immensely contributed to Dr. York’s deteriorating health condition and he may die a wrongful death if care is not taken.

“Due to the treatment of the USA prison conditions and their torturous behavior towards H.E Dr. Malachi Z.K. York and violating his Diplomatic Rights, his Human Rights, and Constitutional Rights for the past 16 years, H. E. Dr. Malachi Z. K. York has been rushed to an outside medical center due to his Angioedema, and not receiving proper medicine for his Hereditary Angioedema,” Broussard said.

She said there is a medical urgency which calls for Dr. York’s removal from the prison facility of USP Florence ADMAX in the state of Colorado to an ideal health facility that will provide him an unconditional medical care so as to save him from dying wrongfully.

She referred to the death of Jeffrey A. Buller who died in the Colorado U.S. prison system at the Kit Carson Correctional center in 2001, 24 hours before his release due to improper medical care and neglect of his hereditary angioedema as a bad sign for a democracy said to be at its peak in the comity of nations.

Broussard noted “It is sad that up to this day the U.S. justice system is yet to believe that Dr. York was a Liberian diplomat before his arrest and imprisonment in 2002.”

“The USA prison has also declared him mentally unstable because he declares being a Liberian Citizen and appointed Consul General,” she said.

She pointed out that even though the Bureau of Prisons in the United States has confirmed that Dr. York had a diagnosis of the Hereditary Angioedema disease and began to treat him earlier, yet since he was transferred to USP Florence ADMAX in Colorado, and given a stringent solitary confinement with a complete disregard of the continuation of his treatment for the disease.

In her general clarion call note she outlined Metamorphopsia “Ocular Migraines” (both eyes), Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Asthma and Allergies, Hereditary Angioedema and Patellofemoral pain syndrome (bad knee pain that calls for the use of wheelchair) as some of the terrible diseases her client is now troubled by.

“Other diseases and unhealthy conditions uncovered from recent diagnosis and investigation include Syncope (Faints / Black-outs- not sure of the cause, his medication is governed by the Prison), Gum and tooth decay, muscle atrophy, bad nutrition, lack of access to sunshine and exercise,” she said.

Broussard alarmed that the hereditary Angioedema which causes swelling of the major organs of the human body may kill Dr. York as soon as possible and if care is not taken and his innocence of the crimes levied against him may not be brought to light.

The verdict handed down against Dr. York in 2004 was on federal charges of racketeering, money laundering and transporting minors in interstate commerce for purposes of engaging in unlawful sexual activity

but having disagreed with the verdict, friends and sympathizers of York have sought to make the facts public that disprove the charges against the Consul General.


In so doing, Saqar Ahhah,  Den Tut Rayay, and Dr. Doosua York three members of the Malachi York Foundation who are presently in Liberia to seek Liberian government’s intervention for the release of York, presented to Daily Observer from the Sixth Liberian Circuit Court’s judgment and a letter written to Dr. York from former President Charles Ghankay Taylor, appointing him to the post of Consul General, and an Amicus Brief in defense of Dr York from the Republic of Liberia which depict that he is a Liberian diplomat and not guilty of the charges levied against him in the U.S.