Liberia: School Proprietor Describes Inhumane Beating of Female Student ‘An Act of Discipline’

Solomon Joah Sr., Proprietor of the Soltiamon Christian School

Monrovia – The proprietor of the Soltiamon Christian School, Solomon Joah, Sr. has described student Mary Paul (not real name), who was recently flogged by the school’s Dean of Student Affairs, Solomon Joah Jnr. as “a rude student” who always violated the rules of the school.

“He was justly disciplining a rude student who has always violated the rules of the school,” he told FrontPageAfrica.

He, however, expressed regrets over the action, noting that the school has apologized to the child’s parents and have promised to do whatever it will take to appease them. 

Proprietor Joah further told FrontPage Africa in an interview at the Temple of Justice that Student Mary was flogged after she was caught violating the school’s rules as she usually does.

“Instead of coming out with the approved document (access pass), she lied in the process that she came out for her pad, her feminine pad and such warrants some discipline,” he added.

The 16-year-old 10th grade student of the Soltiamon Christian School was severely flogged by Solomon Joah Jnr., the Dean of Students Affairs after she was seen roaming in the corridor of the school without access pass.

Proprietor Joah further added that beating students is a normal practice in the school as a way of disciplining ‘rude’ students.

“Our regular discipline for those who engage in rude behavior is, 10 lashes for those in the elementary, five lashes for those in the primary and 25 lashes for those in the upper level. But if we give you 25 lashes, then and you insult somebody, they call you back for insulting somebody, they say I must give you five additional lashes for rudeness,” he said.

The proprietor also refuted rumors and FrontPage Africa report that his son gave the student 130 lashes on her buttocks.

“Those who mentioned 55, 75, 100, they just want to do their own thing but to me, what matters now is the care of the child and we as parents, we feel bad for that kind of thing and we apologized to the parents and we told them whatever they want we will do,” he further explained.

Rev. Joah further stated that beating is a biblical principle for disciplining children whenever they go wrong in their behavior or attitude against existing norms in society. He said abolishing or forbidding such law by government is against the will of God. 

“As a Sociologist, laws should be made with the sociological background. We were rare-up by these standards. If you are going to make a law in the sociological frame work, these are the things you consider. America is on fire, students killing one another because they have changed all Biblical instructions concerning disciplines,” Rev. Joah noted.

Solomon Joah Jr. Expresses Regrets

Mr. Joah, Jr. in an interview expressed remorse over the incident, but clarified that 130 lashes is an exaggeration of the truth. According to him, his intent was not to be cruel to the student who he had always considered and treated like a daughter, rather to instill some form of discipline but went overboard.

“Never in the past have we had such a troubling moment. While it is true that I believe in discipline, I also think it must be served with caution and to the family of the student, I honestly take responsibility for my action and it is my hope that we could be partners again to ensure the student gets the best. I wish to let her know that she’s still my daughter and I, your father, a relationship built over the years in earnest. I am a human and I am prone to errors. As I’ve always said to you all, I love you and I do even in these moments,” he told FrontPageAfrica.