Liberia’s Vice President Eyes Full Disclosures from NGOs in Africa


Istanbul – The African Union High-level panel on humanitarian Effectiveness in Africa convening on the peripherals of the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul has outlined a number of aspirations for Africa called the Agenda 2063 calling for a prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and sustainable development and a continent that is politically-integrated and united based on the ideas of Pan Africanism and the Vision of Africa’s Renaissance.

According to the document, Africans want to see an Africa of good governance, democracy, and respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law and a peaceful and secured continent.

Africans want to see a continent with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, shared values and ethics and an Africa whose development is people- driven, relying on the potentials of African people, especially its women and youth and  caring for children and an Africa strong united and influential global player and partner .

Speaking during the discussion on the African Union High Level Panel on Humanitarian Effectiveness in Africa, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai said he wants to see a continent that will be inclusive and called for full disclosure of resources that are spent on African Countries.

According to Vice President Boakai, sometimes there is no way that monies and resources spent on projects by International nongovernmental organization can be accounted for by Africans Governments because they are not in the know, they only see figures.

He said African countries are credited for money that they cannot see or account for but spent by NGOs. African Governments are charged with corruption for money spent by others. Vice President Boakai then called for full disclosure of such funds by NGOs spending the money on behalf of African governments on projects in those countries.

Another African panelist said one of the root causes of conflict in Africa is the foreign interest in the exploitation of natural resources and spoke of the need to build capacity and consolidate the peace on the continent.

He called for the transfer of knowledge, saying we only see millions of NGOs in Africa and there is no transfer of knowledge, ‘when are we going to see a transfer of knowledge in Africa?”

The representative of the Kenyan Red cross said the Ebola crises in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea has taught Africans a lesson that we need to find African Solutions to African problems.

He said if Africans are for Africa, we can raise millions of dollars to deal with any emergency on the continent and wondered what will happen to those who lost their lives in the fight against Ebola in the sub region especially so when they were performing their duties to save lives. He said it was men and women of good will who took the risk to save others and in the process lost their lives.

Those participating in the panel discussion included Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, African Union Commissioner for political affairs Dr. Aisha Laraba Abudullahi, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Human rights of IDPs, Professor Chaloka Beyani, Ugandan Minister for General Duties Professor Tarsi Kabwegyere, Mr. Ilunga Ngandu, Ambassador Special Envoy of the President of the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo.