Liberia’s Defense Minister Brownie Samukai Denies Meeting Allain White


Monrovia – Defense Minister Brownie Samukai has dismissed allegation that he met U.S investigator Allain White on his recent visit to Liberia.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson Mbayo, [email protected]

In an interview on a local radio, Samukai said at no time he had discussion with White adding that the one spreading the news is interested in creating suspicion that is unnecessary.

“It never happened; I was never part to any meeting. I knew nothing that he was coming to Liberia.”

“This is the kind of rumor that creates suspicion and it’s unnecessary.

“I have no idea that he met anyone from the government. I had no meeting with him.”

“People try to discredit the work we do. White is an American citizen that does his lobbying. Those saying that I met with him are blatant liars.”

He termed the rumors as complete nonsense on the part of the individuals, who are spreading falsehood.

The Defense Minister had, sometime in his deliberations insinuated that those behind the rumors could have been folks in the opposition camp

“I have taken a side so what are they running mouth behind me. We have different views but that shouldn’t affect the love we have for the country.”

“It’s a politically motivated. I’m a politicians. It is easy to see the loyalty I have for the President. That people will go to her and lied to her, all she needs is pictorial evidence.”

However, he disclosed the identity of people he said were behind the rumors: “Those spreading the rumors are in the intelligence circle.”

“When the leadership of the country is affected by rumors and suspicion it’s because of those in the intelligence and they are discredited and unreliable because they trying to impact the Minister of Defense.”

“Is it wrong to have another political view? I don’t have to be where they are; I don’t need to be drinking what they are drinking.”

“I have my privacy and have my own public view but when you try to impact the unity of the government, when you try to impact in the way negative the loyalty of an individual like me because I have done no wrong but to serve, I have no reason to worship or have any meeting with a man like Allan White.”

He said the rumor mongers must not and should not be trusted because they want to cause stir in the country.

All through the interview Defense Minister Samukai did not particularly name any of those in the intelligence community spreading the alleged rumors, he maintained that the person is in the intelligence circle.