Liberia’s Ambassador to Qatar Calls on Liberians to Manage Expectations


Monrovia – Liberia’s Ambassador to the State of Qatar John Ballout has called on Liberians to manage their expectations and give the new government chance to operate smoothly.

Report by Edwin g. Genoway, Jr – [email protected]

“I feel the expectations of the people and I know it is high right now, but I urge the Liberian people to manage their expectations when it comes to this new government; let them understand that all will not be good at all times,” he said.

Appearing on the Super Morning Show on LBS, Ambassador Ballout congratulated President-elect George Weah and Vice President-elect Jewel Taylor on their election.

According to him, now is the time for the incoming administration to focus on the main issues for which they were elected.

Amb. Ballout further stated that peace, security and stability are key factors to ensuring that Liberia is opened to investment.

“Peace is the major factor here; without peace the investment in our country will not open and Liberia needs large investment,” he noted.

He encouraged Liberians to be proactive in contributing to national development, rather than following the political relics.

In the same vein, Ambassador Ballout has also congratulated Vice President Joseph Boakai for conceding defeat.

According to him, the Vice President’s action shows to the world that Liberia is democratically matured and ready for development.

“The Vice President action to accept the result and to concede defeat is a great sign that Liberia’s democracy is growing and even the action of the President-elect was great to have gone to the home of the VP to share gifts with him. I think our democracy is growing and the world is watching,” he noted.

The Ambassador wants every Liberian to cooperate with the new leadership in the interest of a better Liberia.

“Every Liberian needs to put hands around the new government to make it succeed,” he said.

Speaking on Liberia’s relationship with the State of Qatar, he indicated that Qatar is a country of opportunities for Liberia to tap into.

He disclosed that conversations are underway to bring Qatar Airways to Liberia soon.

He stated that opportunities in health, agriculture, education, tourism, among others, are all underway.

Amb. Ballout indicated that the people of Qatar are quite excited about exploring development opportunities in Liberia.