Liberia Marketing Association President to Promote Unity Among Members


Monrovia – The newly elected president of the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA), Madam Alice G. Yeebahn, has vowed that peace and unity will be the hallmark of her administration for the next four years.

Inducted into office on Friday, April 7, 2017, she said the growth and development of every institution depend on peace and unity of its members, adding that it will boost and strengthen the development of the LMA.

 “What I am bringing to the table of the Liberia Marketing Association is peace and unity, because without peace and unity you cannot do anything,” she said.

“So my mantle of work for the four years in the Liberia Marketing Association is peace and unity.”

The LMA head also noted that reconciliation is also part of her platform to bring together members of the association to work with one voice and command, asserting that it will help decentralize the LMA as part of her developmental agenda of the institution.

“Well for me, reconciliation is part of me.”

“It’s part of this dream, whether people voted for me, whether you did not vote for me, I am the winner now. So all the marketers are my people, even if you did not vote me you are because I am the national president now.”

Speaking further, she called on all members of the LMA to accept the election result and work with her leadership to improve the association in decentralizing it, stressing that it is important for rural marketers to feel the developmental impact and progress being made by the association.

“I continue to say to the business people of Liberia where there is a problem let us get on the round table and see how we can address it to move forward.”

“Let us chase peace, let us encourage peace, let us have peace in our minds, because if you have peace you will have love and if you have love, you will have understanding and the next thing we should ask for we the business people, especially the marketers is wisdom,” she added, amid a round of thunderous applause.

She said her ascendancy to the presidency of the Liberia Marketing Association is by no mistake, declaring that she is competent to lead the LMA for the next four years.

“Every man or woman when you get up in life you wants to do something—you want to leave a mark. I want to leave a mark, and I have made a mark in the LMA and it is proven.

“I ran after a land, and I got the land from the government NIC for my community and I was able to engage the government and the government built a community market for us. And I looked at it I was not satisfied and I added a daycare school. If I can do this, I know I can take care of the LMA.”