Liberia: Court to Begin Hearing Murdered Journalist’s Case

The late Tyron Browne

Monrovia – Today six suspects linked to the death of Super FM photojournalist Tyron Browne will face the jury at Criminal Court ‘A’ as trial starts.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson-Mbayo, [email protected]

The suspects will plead either guilty or not guilty after the indictment is read to them.

The Grand Jury indicted the suspects on several criminal charges. One of them, Caesar Kennedy, charge was changed to murder after he was charged for criminal facilitation to commit murder and hindering law enforcement.

On April 20, the Liberia National Police arrested several persons linked to the murder of Browne.

The family of Tyron Browne, who was allegedly murdered by one Jonathan Williams, has expressed dissatisfaction over the way the government was handling the murder case of their son.

Samuel K. Sieh Jr., cousin of the deceased, who was buried on Saturday, June 9, that his cousin’s death has been downplayed by the government since the alleged perpetrator was arrested.

“We expected this case to be expedited. Tyron’s death caused lots of misinformation and fingers were pointed at the government. So why is it that the government, which was accused initially, would not want to fast-track this case? So, to the Ministries of Information and Justice, these are our concerns. We do not know what is happening regarding this case. So we want to be in the know of everything that will be happening henceforth,” Sieh requested.

Sieh further lamented that the family didn’t know the status of the case, as to when the case would be held, who is government’s representation to them and or who is the lawyer assigned to this case.

He stressed that absolutely no pieces of information were being shared with them regarding the case.

He also accused the government specifically state prosecutors of not informing them on the starting of the case.

In an exclusive interview, Sieh said they have been awaiting the start of the trial. “We have been waiting for the justice system on this case, we are law-abiding family, since April the incident occurred and this is what we waited for and now we give God the glory.”

He continued, “Information dissemination has been the problem; we don’t know who is the lawyer on the case. All we know that the court was opening Monday for the August term of Court but we are still in the dark from the start of the investigation to now but we will be there today.

Accordingly, the suspects will be represented by public defense office instead of a private lawyer.